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Today I found 2 girls in my class had lice, one I found live bugs on her too. -sighs- the hiBbi jibbies have begun and I am already trying find way to put my hair up in a bun in some way that doesn't make me look stupid and I can do under 5 min that doesn't require loads of hair spray. Hopefully both parents are put their poor heads through treatment. It doesn't help I have a few kids who don't mind their business so I am worried about bullying, I have more than one bossy kid that boarders bullying.

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My class was reasonably well behaved. The only hick-up to an almost perfect day was one student refusing to do his homework. He apparently thought his biological dad was picking him up today, and dad wasn't gonna make him do his homework. Lets just say I haven't seen a kid so dejected at him mom picking him up, lol. They have a firm rule, which I think all parents should have, there is no fun until the homework is done. Other than that, they ran me into the ground. Where the hell do they get the energy, especially for a monday?
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For some odd reason for the past 4 days (until this morning) I would wake up bright and early way before my alarm clock. Not today, nope. I woke up like hell, brain stuff and wanting more sleep, to get my butt to classes. On a good note my teacher doesn't need the book and told us to return it (yea, $160 back to me!) and on the bad note she does have an accent but I hope with the fact my notetaker is in in the class I can just focus and get used to it (its not really bad, just when she goes FAST).

Work was... chaotic from beginning to end but I didn't have that overwhelmed feeling since I was moved to 1st grade and half my class are my kinders from last year (and not a single kid who misbehaves every day!). We were thrown off our grove because my boss has to take 5th grade, we're still short a person, but everything was fine until the last half hour the parents showed up. WAY TO FREAKING EARLY and they went to my door first... ei.... and my boss was outside with the 5th graders... -sighs-

Pick up was a mess. They've been doing construction all summer and not finished with one of the two teacher parking lots being used for storage of equipment the teachers were parking in the field and parents in the second teacher's parking lot. (I need to get a picture, this is only till Wed, ehehe). But anyways so parents start arrived at 4:30 instead of 5:00!!! I got mobbed by nearly ten parents trying to move my kids to the temporary (or might be semi-permanent since we don't know about that main parking lot) for the pick up. -sighs-

It was a wreck trying to get kids to their cars, keep the cars moving, keeping the kids where they were suppose to be (and they weren't staying there!!!), keeping an eye on the wandering kids, getting them back in place, getting parents to sign out their kids AND CHECKING THEIR IDs with the pickup list!!!! Gah!!! I'm suprised I didn' get a dizzy spell and collapse now that I think of it. it was 101 today too.

And oh... I have to repeat this for the next three weeks until the bus schedule starts.... x.x
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Well, today we're having our all at once bang she dang. My friend's dad is giving me a ride to work in about an hour and a half and my cousin will be picking me up.

Meeting at 11am, going over the usual stuff,

12ish, break for lunch (mad dash to the Luby's for an hour),

between 1-2 back afterwards to get materials and stuff set for the first week of school starting Monday.

4-6pm, meet the parents. Oh hell. This is new.

Right now I'm trying to remember when was the last time I took a pain pill.... I can take up to 2 at a time but I don't want to be drugged up... lol.
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I still can believe I haven't been online for over a week. I've been that run down between 9 hours of baby sitting, fighting allergies thanks to air pressure, and Lucky falling ill to arthritist. I basically collapsed within two hours of coming home and up again before dawn with only my phone to check email. I hardly know what has happened news wide. I know a few major events but thats it, I'm so out of the loop on a lot of things. I need to go to the cybertronian newsletter for the past two weeks worth of updates, oi. -sighs- But I have a summer session class tomorrow and I haven't even bought the book, thankfully I'll have a few hours to get it. I just have to get my butt up. -sighs-. Hopefully given a few days things can calm down, finally.

On the cool news, I was able to attend the annual anime convention San-Japan (if for Sat only), and it was GREAT!!!

Uh oh...

Jun. 18th, 2010 07:12 pm
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Yesterday the mother of the two kids I'm watching was in an accident when she was on her way to pick up her kids from program, so I had to take the kids home. I had an unexpected day off because of it, she's find but car not safe to drive, so I don't know if I'll be working Monday on this extra job... I kinda need to money because I have not had any luck finding a job in the afternoon-early evening hours to follow my summer term class in July. I also need the money because I was hoping to get a plushie, which I just remember since I have been leaving the house at 7:30am and collapsing home near 7pm at night, to snuggle when my surgery date rolls around. Now its all in question. I have no doubt I'll be working for the mother next week, I am just unsure which days until stuff can be hashed out and she is able to get a rental. I spent this day being lazy as hell so I can't be Sat or Sun, must dog about 8 loads of laundry, pack up food stuff (I found rat poop) into plastic bins for a while, lay out traps in the garage and ready the house to bring in Mika for a while (because of said rats) on top of all the normal cleaning and then some. x.x
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I ran out of kitty food yesterday and Miss Mika was not a happy little shit. She got half of her normal dinner and no breakfast until I ran to the pet store with Yoko at 1pm. Oi.

Yoko's foot is doing great, and the past two days I've allowed her free run of the backyard for the first time since her accident. She's not gonna be happy with me though, I GOT HER BOOTIES!!! LOL, the ground gets so hot even now when we haven't hit summer temps that I didn't resist getting her booties to take her for walks when it starts to get dark. Texas heat sucks and she's going to give pitiful looks for some time to come but she needs to loose some pounds and I need to start walking at least a few miles a couple times a week now that I don't have my racquetball class to exercise.

Work is getting beyond hectic. We found out which one of my kinders has been peeing all over the bathroom and he got busted good. The custodian had just cleaned the boy's bathroom in the cafeteria and he was the first one in and he even dropped poop on the floor. oi. Also this week on Thursday is our water field day, and for the next few days to come I'll be filling water balloons in a cooler for work. 1-5th will have massive water balloon fights, my kinders will be paying in a sprinkler set.

I'm currently waiting for it to cool down in about 5 hours to go clean out my car. Till then I'm doing laundry and the normal lazy cleaning (when I should really be overhaul cleaning).
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I received a free H1N1 vaccine today at work, getting it didn't hurt, but my arm is sore now from my elbow to my shoulder blades. x.x


Dec. 15th, 2009 11:46 pm
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I swear today is just... insane. My co-worker said he had a feeling the day was gonna go crazy and it did. The kids have been bouncing off the walls all week and last week too and its getting harder to keep them in line but the events today that were insane for the most part not in their actions.

We have a few special needs kids, one is a mentally slow but not a down syndrom boy. He's been having... issues lately with his poop. Lets put it that way, in which he is... scratching back there. My co-worker had to take the boy to the bathroom while I was in the gym with his class, apparently when he took the boy he found... poop on his back and else where. Yeck. This co-worker is trying to pass the state nursing exams right now so he's qualified for this work as is. Anyway, I didn't know of the details but I figured it was something with the poop issue. Problem is about is it took about 20 minutes and a few minutes before he got back I get group smushed by my kids the previous year who were in kinder and are now in first grade and they refused to let go. Bottom line I couldn't hold the weight of 8+ yanking bodies and went down, on top of another kid who was pulling on me from behind. So I had to put everyone in time out while I dealt with the kid who got smushed to the floor. He was fine but oi. We lost time and my kinders didn't finish the current step of their projects so I'll be forced to try to finish them tomorrow so my co-worker can spray pain them. We are folding magazines to make angel centerpieces. -sighs-

That's not all. PTA or whatever had an event and didn't give up a heads up WHEN they would set up for the event, they began to set up two hours before parents would be arriving and that pushed us out of the cafiteria for pick up so we had to have that in a hallway. And echoing mess of so many people talking and the kids were actually being resonably quiet at that time.

It didn't end there.

Apparently the bus transportation forgot to find someone to fill in one of the drivers of the two bus we use after program. The bus hadn't arrived by departure time so by the time the other bus dropped off all the kids the rerouted to pick up the second bus's kids it wasn't until 6pm, I didn't leave work until 7pm because I had to clean up and report the mess of the day. -sighs-

Didn't end there. I had to go shopping with my boss for supplies, that was easy but it was just time consuming after the insane day. I didn't get home until 10pm. I'm just now in pjs and about to crash to bed. I have to get up to finish the current step in the kids projects and then meet a co-worker at Target at noon, we're shopping for our secret santa junk and gifts for the boss.

Oi. It feels like its been a week, not Tuesday.
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Why the hell would I be so excited? Because it would be a sleepless night and one I would probrably be running to the ER for relief for the near screw up at the pharamcy if not for my doctor and nurse. I still need some pain pills but not something as strong as vicodin, makes me dizzy in good bits of time so I can't drive with it. Pharmacy 'lost' the first fax my doctor sent over when I called and left a message in the morning for the nurse that I needed something for pain. When I arrived at 1:30pm they didn't have it, so I was freaking out the doctor had send the script to the wrong pharmacy. So I called again, gave the number for the pharmacy again and rushed to work (in and out of pain mind you). Well I got a call at work, I had given the correct number the first time and my doctor's nurse not only faxed but followed up with a personal call to make sure the pharmacy got on it FAST. I was getting STRONG bits of pain by the end of work and rush to get me pills. I'm happy to say I'm pain free and not dizzy with the new meds.

Now I need to get to bed, got an 8am follow up and a 10am math test, yuck.

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Nov. 30th, 2009 02:15 pm
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I'm allowed to wear my glasses now but until the vicodin completely gets out of my system today I can't go to work. I would usually be clocking in right now. I should be up to driving tomorrow but not to night. I hope my friend can come over and tutor me tonight, my uncle kinda nixed any chance of that over the weekend and I have a test tomorrow.

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For everything that happened today, I take that as a lovely Friday the 13th. One of my kinders however didn't have too great of a Friday. She just started last week and she's gonna need stitches in her head. Apparently when the bus kids were being herded over there a few didn't listen to repeated calls to walk and NOT RUN. So while these students were running they shoved my kinder and she hit her head on a beam supporting the covered walkway. What pisses me off is that not only was my student hurt it was a student I had last year who pushed her!!!! >:( I would have verbally made his ears bleed if I had been there and not with the pick up students. My boss was though and saw it happened and has suspended the little bugger for the next three weeks. What amazes me he's one of the usually well behaved students!!! >.<

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I kid you not. There are reports of them already and now I have to watch for scratching skulls on top of flu like symptoms. And Yes, I am getting the hibby jibbies already. Bring in the gloves please and I am so not letting my hair down.

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Okay, I am at the end of my ropes. The work load my teachers are thrusting on me make me dizzy without even work into the equation. I missed classes Thurs and I'm waiting for someone in my English class to actually have the decency to reply back to my inquire what exactly is due Tues. Also, I think I need to talk to my math teacher. Its just becoming next to impossible turning everything in on time, both in the classroom and online. I can't make it do classes on MWF mornings to turn the assignments in. I need to see if I can have till 9am on the following class day. I don't like it but with so man assignments from her alone its difficult with the restrictions at work.

Training today was okay, long but actually worth the time in general. I ran into two past co-workers and a few other contacts and it was good to see them. It seriously almost felt like a family reunion for the first thirty minutes while we're waiting for everyone to arrive from all the schools.


Aug. 30th, 2009 10:19 pm
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Its taken about 20+ hours of sleep and a few more of doozing this weekend to recharge my batteries after this insane week. I had to spend over half of Sat just running arrons I would usually do during the week. Bank, pet store for cat food, cell bill, food for me, and such I didn't get to do ALL week because if I wasn't asleep or at school I was busy doing something work related in my free time. The bad thing about that is I haven't gotten a single assignment done due Tues or review even half of my Japanese junk. Stress is coming I decree.... Not exactly how I wanted to start the semester off. It especially doesn't help that Japanese has become independent study between me and another student, who is like... levels beyond me. He almost no freaking trouble reading the kanji or sentences. Its fucking awful. I was so tired Thurs my mind blank and my teacher was vocally confused and disappointed with me... It was one of the reasons I nearly cried Thurs.
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First class was math and I found out something that royally pisses me off. The teacher has written her own book and is providing it to us free of charge so she can 'test it' and the school was suppose to have "no book needed" with the computer source on materials for class. I bought the book they listed earlier this month remember? $140 wasted and because of their stupid return policy changes I am unsure if I will see that money back tomorrow when I go to school to try it. That wasn't the only thing. My research paper book is the WRONG one, its the wrong edition and I have to have the correct one because MLA decided to change for the first time in 20 years. That's $40. So two books are wrong because of the school bookstore's data base of "required materials" list was incorrect the entire summer. Lovely. That's $180 I could REALLY have used this month. Oh and I had to put $80 on my credit card this morning buying a rolling backpack because even when the book mistake is fixed my backpack can't hold everything I need in the semester. I need to carry my Japanese, math, literature, research paper, text plus Japanese and English dictionaries. That would fill my carry backpack to capacity and weight about 30+lbs. It would not include my bookwork, materials, spirals, folders, loose paper, and notes for each class. So I'm going to put all the text materials in the rolling backpack and everything else in my carry backpack and even then its still gonna weight about ten or so pounds on my back.

That isn't the end of it. We are in fact having to move from our current office in the portable. They're moving us to the stage in the cafiteria that is looked what so ever and no closet to store supplies. If it doesn't look up like a filing cabinet it will be out in the open for someone to sneak in and take. We are seriously worried about this. We're going to be using our cars as mini offices but that still greatly limits what we can and can't do with the kids... It is a serious problem on so many levels.

I already have homework, I have to write a 4 paragraph essay due Thurs and math review due next Tues. I need to go over the in book review and figure the hell out of it before Thurs. It turns out its just me and another student who are left and my teacher is not being paid, out money goes solely to 'earning' the class should we pass. -sighs-

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I'm sick and I don't want to deal with him. Starting from 1am my stomach did the crazy pain, cramps, bloating, and noises for no reason. Between last night and this morning I got collectively three hours of sleep. I'm eating crackers and water, that' all I can stomach. Its getting better, so I should be able to sleep tonight. Tomorrow I'll meet with my cousin, maybe for lunch, get the garden info and head to work cause we're gonna start packing. I'm bring over as many spare boxes from my move as I can. What we wouldn't give for several heavy duty metal cabinets with locks right now, we're force to take stuff back to the stage Monday and no closet or room to lock up anything that isn't locked up in a cabinet we already have.... we're really worried. All the my stuff I was thinking about taking I'm leaving at the house for right now. Maybe I'll store my stuff in my car once we get settled and do it that way each day... We're going in early each day we don't have classes, which is Monday and Wed for me, at ten am and staying till about 8pm. We have to have everything moved by mid-week.
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I'm about... 1/8 of the way through reorganizing and cleaning the house. I have to reorganize because of the work load academically I have and because this semester I'm taking my last Japanese class. I have so much Japanese stuff from the past three semesters I don't know what to put up or what to keep out! Plus my text books, my math text is at least ten pounds!! My poor back. Depending on how my routine evolves to and from classes with work I'll figure out if buying a wheeled backpack would be any good. The house isn't dirty persay, just a little messy and needs to be cleaned up. But I do need to mop the floors by Sunday. The computer room, kitchen, and my room are the worst areas. I need to rearrange all my figures and stuff them in the cabinet. Since summer began I've bought Revoltech Optimus, Starscream, Ultra Magnus, Megatron, RotF Sideswipe, received Ironhide (who will be in a corner with Ratchet, dirty old mechs), Wolf and the Hybrid from AVP-R. I do believe I'm offcially over 20 different Transfromers... I'll do a head count when I get to the cabinet. I need to go to the school and get my parking permit, go to work to get everything organized for next week, and pay my car payment. I plan to do that stuff tomorrow so I can just be out in one day. I might have a friend be staying with me for a few days. Her father is being an asshole and is actually telling her to drop out of college! This is from a person who works with investments and stocks! She called me last night in tears and I told her if she needed to call me, even if its at 3 in the morning. She goes to a private college about two hours drive north of the city and doesn't want to go back to campus until Sunday. We're thinking of meeting up on Friday if she doesn't come here to crash away from her family for a few days. I'm curious to see District 9, or G.I. Joe. There is a two hour block if the movie starts at the local theater where its for 5 dollars instead of 8.
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In looking into getting gardens for work to do with the kids I might have gotten myself into a pickle. There are a lot of expectations and requirements to get the supplies and getting the gardens build for free from the Master Gardeners. With School and just normal work I'm scared its not at all as simple as they are trying to portray it if I can get it off the ground to maintain it. The benefit for the kids if its somewhat connected with the 4-H program and 'I'm told' they can enter for scholarships (really don't see how but still plenty of 'meetings' they want me as the teacher to attend)

I got barely 4 hours of sleep last night. The program registration was today and we had a huge turn out. According to the Janitors the first lady in line arrived at 3am. Seriously! They had filled up 2/3 of one of the parking lots with about 30-40 cars at 5am and the doors didn't open until 8am! It went so smoothly! We had all slots filled, paperwork filled, processed, and waiting lists started by 9am. I saw several parents I knew from kinders and other grades, and I'm getting my autistic again! She is being withheld another year (no surprise, she needs it and its also welcomed) so I get her again! Her dad was like 10-15 in line. There are two or three siblings of children I have already taught who are also going to be under my wing.
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Today was the last day with my kinders. All but two arrived. Two were picked up during snack and another during the program. The rest remained. I am going to miss many of the students, they were so well behaved. Other than a single handful they were all very good and wonderful. I didn't get this attached last year to my previous students. Maybe its because this year I started from the beginning, I was with them from day one. Maybe it was the trust they put in me and came to me with so many things. Maybe it was their smiles and their laughs. Maybe it was everything.

Three months until I have the chance to see them again, if they are with their parents on sign up day. Our slot numbers will be smaller next year, so for them to go to first grade will be hard. Its a first come first serve bases.

The only thing that hurts is the fact I don't have any pictures of them. We're not allowed to do so. Hopefully my boss will give copies of photos that she has taken. I would love to have picture to scrapbook each of those kids and their personalities.


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