Feb. 2nd, 2011 07:31 pm
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Its in the 20s right now, that's cold for south Texas. Poor Yoko, I'm so glad I got booties few months back. She was footies dancing trying to tolerate the cold to get near the grass from the porch yesterday when hauled her in and put them on. She wasn't happy until she realize that her paws weren't hitting the freezing ground. Today was just as good, even if it was colder. ZOOM!!!

We might get a little bit of snow Friday, if we do school should close and I'll do my best to get photos of it and hopefully a running Yoko.


Jan. 9th, 2010 03:07 am
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Its freaking 17 degrees outside. And we're projected to get to 14. WTF? Seriously, this is south Texas not the midwest!!!! We had 100+ for 2 months straight during the summer and now this!? Oi. I so need to sleep.

Day #47

Aug. 12th, 2009 01:58 pm
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Counting today we will have hit 47 days this summer with 100+ weather. And there is no end in sight, we may very well hit over 50+ days by the end of the week. The previous record was set in the 1950s, and that was at 36 days. I am not looking forward to this if it continues to when work starts in two week. There are 6 grades, it will be too hot to go outside. How am I going to run the energy off the little ones? Depending on the kid they will either be on the edge of falling asleep or bouncing off the walls. I'm already trying to brain storm games we can do in the classroom.  It helps a lot I have few kids this year.
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That today is going to be HOT. Its only 10am and I'm already itching to turn down the A/C more than usual, the humidity is really seeping into the house. Forecast is for a 102 (again), and that is without heat index. We've been hitting about 105-108 heat index daily for over a month.

And I'm going to be stuck running around in this, I have to go to the bookstore, Costco, dry cleaning, general store, and pet store. That's about 4 hours running around. I'm guessing I'll be putting on about 20-30 miles on my car. I can blame Costco for that, its about 5 or so miles away from the house. Bookstore is about another 5 miles, in the other direction. I can hit the dry cleaning, and other stores on the way to and from those places. I'll be happy once they open the B&N near my house simply to go read. I prefer Borders, staff isn't as stuffy. Why are B&N staff always stuff? Out of all the B&N stores I've been to the only one that didn't have stuffy staff was in CA.
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The forecast tomorrow doesn't look good weather wise. Possible SUPER CELL activity! Need I remind that the garage is kinda full....


I'm debating on trying to even bother to try and reorganize it and haul in stuff into the living room to see if I could possibly make room for my car to squeeze in...


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