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I am so silly. My city just added its 12th 'stealth' police car. A stealth car is almost completely unmarked, its lights are hidden and its letter is subbed on its side so you wouldn't see it unless next to it. I think that brings it to about 15 stealth cars in the 'area'. But what has me giggling like crazy is I know of at least 3 stealth dodge chargers that scream PROWL! A smaller police force of a 'inner' city in the city are buying new cars, all of them brand new dodge chargers. That's becoming common now. But what I'm posting about is the new SPORTS car they just added. A brand new Camaro. First Prowl, now I have Bumblebee patroling the streets!! Only difference, no strips and he is sliver. Our 'stealth' cars are not usually used for catching speeder, they're main purpose these days are catching aggressive drivers, I think my city ranks in the top ten nation wide. But can you blame me for getting a giggling fit?
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I got an OMG OMG OMG result from curious browsing. Apparently there is a voice download of Optimus Prime for Garmin.

I WANT A GPS GARMIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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She's so COOL! Christmas she bought me little Transformers nicks and nacks but this is how much she has a heart of gold. She was in Austin with her husband and at what ever event they were at there was the old camero bumblebee! THE ACTUAL ONE FROM THE MOVIE!! And what does she do? Takes pictures for me and then calls me on the phone. He's so CLOSE and yet so far... from me oh... LOL.
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Wait, Wait, Wait!!! Based on the youtube stream of the opening song it appears they're totally re-doing the Transformers Animated in Japan, is this true?!?!
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Which G1 Transformer are you?
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime
Autobot - You are most like Optimus Prime. (Alternate mode- red and blue tractor trailer) The big Kahuna himself. Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, is an all around good bot. He has everyone's well being in his mind, and will fight to the death to protect it, which, he has multiple times. You make sure everything and everyone around you is doing the right thing, and you fight for what is right. Yeah, you die a few times, but hey, you always end up coming back.

Take the quiz!


Feb. 19th, 2010 11:18 am
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Dec. 22nd, 2009 04:52 pm
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Tell me there is someone out there who would split a room with me for Botcon?!?! Its at FREAKING DISNEY WORLD IN 2010!!!!!!
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I'm about... 1/8 of the way through reorganizing and cleaning the house. I have to reorganize because of the work load academically I have and because this semester I'm taking my last Japanese class. I have so much Japanese stuff from the past three semesters I don't know what to put up or what to keep out! Plus my text books, my math text is at least ten pounds!! My poor back. Depending on how my routine evolves to and from classes with work I'll figure out if buying a wheeled backpack would be any good. The house isn't dirty persay, just a little messy and needs to be cleaned up. But I do need to mop the floors by Sunday. The computer room, kitchen, and my room are the worst areas. I need to rearrange all my figures and stuff them in the cabinet. Since summer began I've bought Revoltech Optimus, Starscream, Ultra Magnus, Megatron, RotF Sideswipe, received Ironhide (who will be in a corner with Ratchet, dirty old mechs), Wolf and the Hybrid from AVP-R. I do believe I'm offcially over 20 different Transfromers... I'll do a head count when I get to the cabinet. I need to go to the school and get my parking permit, go to work to get everything organized for next week, and pay my car payment. I plan to do that stuff tomorrow so I can just be out in one day. I might have a friend be staying with me for a few days. Her father is being an asshole and is actually telling her to drop out of college! This is from a person who works with investments and stocks! She called me last night in tears and I told her if she needed to call me, even if its at 3 in the morning. She goes to a private college about two hours drive north of the city and doesn't want to go back to campus until Sunday. We're thinking of meeting up on Friday if she doesn't come here to crash away from her family for a few days. I'm curious to see District 9, or G.I. Joe. There is a two hour block if the movie starts at the local theater where its for 5 dollars instead of 8.
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I saw an Optimus prime and a deception holoform! XD
A hot holoform! )
On a sad note I did not see Master Chief again and only one guy knew who was under the helmet but did not personally know him. I do believe I officially have a crush on Master Chief (and I don't even know why!) and I want to see the man beneath the helm. I'm not even a gaming fan or anything, why have I become so giggly with Master Chief? He's not the only one I took pictures with but the only one I reacted to like this. Jack Sparrow I am giggly for in a different sense, the dude was so dead on in face, dress, acting, and even hell his voice sounded like Jack Sparrow, is the reason I'm in aw with that person. But I can't pinpoint what has me hooked with Master Chief. Hell, I can even remember turning to leave the auditorium and see him walking in directly in front of me through the doors with the sunlight behind him. And I hate my hearing. He said something to me when I later asked to take another picture with him and I couldn't really understand him because he was on my left side and his voice was muffled by his helmet. -sighs-

I am off for bed soon, I hurt everywhere and I wasn't freaking carrying anything!

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I just stayed up all night reading a 27 chapter fic. Oh I so want to crash...
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Seriously I found this book by accident at the bookstore! I didn't have enough time to sit down and read it. I don't have the money with college to just buy it on a whim since I just bought my textbooks for the coming semester. But flipping through it took references from ALL the transformers series and comics with the exception of RofF.

Transformers and Philosophy

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Up to ten post offices could be closing in my city next year (I don't know about all ten but one of them should have been torn down long time ago), and while I've been a little lazy waiting for the recycle to come by and drying my hair I found this on youtube, nice little vid on the 25 years of Transformers by the year.


Jul. 29th, 2009 03:18 pm
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QUICK, someone dunk me with a buckle of ice water! I just sat a gray 2010 camero! -swooon- My god those lines! I was freaking behind it for two miles! -fans-
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Well, I'm fighting to stay awake until 8 or 9 tonight, I made it 4pm yesterday before I crashed. Although I'm feeling ready to drop as is right now. I was a bad girl, -snickers-, I bought my first RotF Transformer, Sideswipe for $8. I was interested before because of his name and how he looked but I wanted to see how the character was in the movie. So far all the other toys I've seen in regular model and legends SUCK. I'm very disappointed, especially with the legends line, they're horrible! I'm thinking of possibly looked at robo replicas if I can find them, I've seen a few people have them already and they look good but I don't know yet. I have Optimus from the 2007 movie, if I finder Leader Class Megatron looks good to me I'll get him perhaps. I'm just sad the Ironhide is GREY, he's not grey anywhere in the freaking movie!!! Yeck!
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I had a little fun...


Jul. 1st, 2009 01:54 am
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I don't have enough time to write about my adventures in Japan yet, I'd need a few hours that I don't have. Japanese classes start up again for another two weeks tomorrow at 10:30am and I need to tend to real life matters before I can do my cyberlife.... On the good note I found Revoltech Magnus, Starscream, Rodimus Prime and Megatron. Optimus was completely sold out, I went to eight different stores and nothing. Even the online ebay sellers in the US were sold out when I got back, I've had to order from Hong Kong a few hours ago just to get him... -sighs-. Fifty dollars with shipping and insurance. He'll be here in two weeks.

Finally saw TF2 )

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In 24 hours I will be on a flight home. A very long trip back awaits me. I have a five hour lay over at Chicago before my flight home to San Antonio. Sadly I was unable to obtain Roveltech Optimus Prime. I found all the others but him, he is sold out. I have been to eight different stores in Tokyo between now and last night. I found out of another place but its closed and my depature is long before they open again tomorrow. Looks like I will have to do Ebay, hopefully I will not have to pay fifty dollars for him! 

I will post again after I see the movie in about two days.

Oh and I asked one of the guys on the tour out....


14 days...

Jun. 2nd, 2009 10:56 pm
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Can you believe its just 14 days? I'm so trying NOT to freak out. My to do list tomorrow includes paying fixed bills a head of time and all bills that have come in so far. The sooner I get that out of my bank account the better I know just how much spending money I can take with me to Japan. 

I wonder how many emails I'll have in my mail box when I get back if I'm unable to check it while overseas for two weeks. I thought I'd make this a game, the person close to the number when I get back wins a sparkling ficlet of their choice of characters. :)

On a side note... I think Yoko's favorite toy is going to have to be trashed soon... its so sad since its a teddy bear.
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ET Ultimate Transformers Fan contest, I'm torn on who to vote for! Its down to three, either entry 34-1242323080 with Jazz costume, 44-1242191999 with the Bumblebee, or 55-1242400039 with Arcee. Its just so hard to pick one!

(and makes me with I knew about this so I could have entered for the heck of it, pooh)


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