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I won't be on the radio waves any time soon lol. I asked my friend a lot if it would get him in trouble or if it was okay for me to join him when he did his show but apparently it wasn't. Not like I said or did anything wrong. I just hadn't been 'cleared' to go on the air by at least a week in advanced so... -shurgs- oh well. He's not getting paid to do it so its no biggy, and he wasn't booted. But it took my 4th appearance before they caught it and it was address, right after I got off the air from giving the weather conditions. It was fun while I could do it at least. I can still drop by and hang around, they haven't said anything about that. :p LOL.


Aug. 5th, 2008 05:28 pm
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Well I went to SAC and again and was guest on my friend's djing at KSYM. I mainly did the weather and played along with his comments, we started to sound like a normal show, lol. It was blistering hot today, reaching 102 degrees before clouds rolled in. I was walking in that harsh temp, oi.  It was fun though, so I'm thinking about going again next friday.

After that Patrick thankfully gave me a ride home again, it would have been awful to walk to the bus stop and having to wait, I would have been outside nearly an hour before I'd be able to get on the bus.

Once I got home I cooled off before heading to Half Price Books to look for a few books, none were there. Then I headed to Borders with a 40% off coupon to get a new Japanese-English Dictionary; The one I have is mostly English-Japanese. Then I went to the store, buying mostly ingredients (which is something new). I came home, mixed up a cake, put it in the oven then tried to make a caprese salad... it wasn't close to what I've had at restaurants, even if the ingredients are simple. So now I'm waiting for the timer to go off so I can take the cake out and let it cook. I haven't had homemade cake (even if its mostly from a box) in well over a year, this will be the first one I've made since I had moved. 

Tomorrow I'll start a cookathon, cooking several kinds of meals while I have the house to myself.

It is a good day, but I'm tired and in a mood because my period started in the middle of the day, blah.
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I actually woke up before my alarm today (YES!) thanks to Yoko who had to go outside for business and a Starbucks Frapuccino from the fridge. The key will to have a repeat tomorrow. I spent the morning fighting to stay away, check e-mail, and be a normal lazy college student, with the exception of not being asleep. 

So eventually I got ready, took care of the dogs, locked up, and went to the bus stop at the end of street. Why is this mentionable? My bus was actually on time! And my bus arrive at just the right moment for me to hop on another bus heading toward school instead of the normal 15 minute walk from my stop. It was already over 90 degrees so I got on the bus instead of getting exercise, lol. My city's bus system may be pathetic, but they are smart enough not to skimp on the Air Conditioning! Even with a full bus its usual very cool (that can't be said for other people's body odor sometimes).

Anyways, I get to campus and get in line at the admissions and records line to get my class schedule. What I find really messed up is when you walk in there is "Information Center" on the sign pointing down the hall but you can't find it... like it disappears after that, maybe its like Platform 9 and 3/4 and you got to know what wall to walk through to find it. So I get my class schedule, and head to the bookstore. They change the layout some what again... oi. With a few minutes being ignored I found the only book I need, my history book, and checked out. I had originally thought the time from arriving on campus to getting the book would take an extra half hour... it didn't and I walked to the campus radio station, KSYM 90.1, to meet up with my friend Patrick. 

So I walk in and at first I thought there was a mistake, it looked empty. I hesitantly go into the office and then I see him through the studio door. I knock, having no clue but assuming I'm not allowed into the studio but he brings me in and I sit down. After a few times he goes on the air he comes up with the idea of me being a 'guest' from high school and putting me on the air. Its a while before he goes on again, and we're talking and I was going through bands. KSYM only plays Alternative music, so I start to list off artist I could remember (which is a miracle) and hit one that is. He goes to the library and pulls out the disks of Muse. I selected Knight of Cynodia, which I missed pronounced, on the air because I had no idea how to say it >.< Patrick found it funny and made a nice joke of it (glad to be of service :p ). So we're talking and he comes up with the idea  again, he has to broadcast the current weather conditions before the end of his time on the air waves and drafts me into. I was to give the current and projected temps, so I said, "Hello again, its currently 97 at the KSYM studio with a projected high of 99." We bantered slightly on that and when he introduced the next song by a japanese artist. 

Afterwards we went out for lunch and hung out before he drove me home considering I had taken the bus and we weren't anywhere near my route in the end of things. So it was an interesting and fun day, I'm thinking about going down to campus again but earlier to hang out with Patrick, even if I don't go on air again. The question if I wake up early and can get my butt in gear to get to campus, lol.

I went to the wash house, finally washed my blankets and jackets and that chore is over. So in all, I say a good day. At the moment Mika is being...

Odd )

... Yoko is doing her best to ignore her and nap...


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