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I saw Star Trek last night with one of my friends. So naturally I couldn't avoid seeing the latest Transformers trailer. The movie is awesome and the bit of Irony, my friend had never seen a single complete episode of any of the Star Trek series or any of the movies. She's only seen blips as she channel surfed but never watched.

I'm still dealing with a head cold from my day of duty on Saturday. I can't remember if I was suppose to go to work today at one or regular time...

I'm back!

Jan. 25th, 2009 06:35 pm
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And the so called message on her door is still there. Not that I care, but I'm still gonna mess with her head. Once I'm paid up for Feb for rent and a true date is set for my move, Obama yard sign going in my window again with one slight alteration. I'm taping an index card over the 'for' and writing in bold marker in caps IS, "Obama IS President" Har HaR hAR. Plus I'll write on a poster board "I am an American, I have no party lines, my vote is for America, And it fills me with Pride!" What she gonna do, paint the damn window? This will happen for sure the last week I'm here.

Till then, I'll be sure to be talking about Obama and having the TV on to CNN and such even more now, ha ha. Because really, am I doing anything anyone in their right minds wouldn't be? -EDIT- Hehe, that last sentence was refering into keeping update with new President Obama and normal talk about what is going on. Sorry if anyone got the wrong idea... XD)

I also talked to my neighboors a little bit, and this may not be a tight-nit but they do talk to eachother, about the up coming move. I didn't go into any real details, just saying I'm fed up. Jeff knows the whole story, even if he wasn't the one I talked to tonight. Give it a few weeks and I'm sure its gonna get around WHY I'm moving. I think I've unwittingly started a scandal... No, maybe not. My housemate DID go yelling at the neighborhood when families were out in their yards when someone left a note on the door for us to mow the yard (this was when someone broke the lawnmower),  sadly I was stuck being next to her since she wouldn't move her fat ass so I could go in, so everyone saw me too when she started screaming.

Oh well.

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Well I woke up just after 8 today, without chills or sweats. I drove to school a little late to go to the tutoring math lab to work on my homeowork. Dear god my brain is all over the places. I was miss writting the problems onto paper! I was taking the first half the the equation from one and the second half to from another! oi oi oi. I now know who I won't even consider taking college algebra from. Eck.  I also forgot my test corrections! They can raise my grade at the end of the semester by a point if I do them. Oi.... I'll have to troll on them tomorrow and hope I can figure them out with my book. By the time I got done with my homework and realised I left my graded test at home there wasn't enough time to drive home and back.

So I went home, getting gas and picking up a book I'll need for a lesson this coming week at work, and took care of my dogs. I also had forgotten to turn the AC on. I've been turing it off about a half hour after sunset because its getting into the low 60s at night, and I don't want the house to be too cold, considering my room is okay on maintaining temp. After taking care of my dogs I went and picked up my friend Patrick and we had lunch at the Cheesecake factory. After that we walked around the mall and then I got my hair cut a bit.

That was... odd. The guy who was assigned to wash my hair for the sylist has a hair fetish... I think... o.o. It was... bizzare. He was like.. massaging my hair, not my scalp. He washed it with Shampoo twice, taking over ten minutes! Then he took several more minutes putting conditioner in my hair! o.O So after this... awkwardness it was still odd, the sytlist was like some what agressive. Pulling the comb so strongly she was grating my scalp! I'm not sure I like the cut... I'm trying to grow it out, even though I like it really short... we'll just have to wait and see.

So afterwards we head back to Patrick's house, him mom having made dinner.  Steak, I could barely eat a third of it. We talked, then headed out again to the half price bookstore. I bought two books, even though I have no idea when i'll ever be able to read them. But the thing with Haf Price is that if you see a title you think looks good grab it, they don't keep stock like regular bookstores, only what people sell them.

After this we went and see Eagle Eye staring Shia. It was great, with only a few very very minor low points. Micheal Bay is no longer the boom king, lol. I don't know if he ever was... but wow. Shia did really good in this one. Its amazing to watch how his talent has grown from Transformers to Indy 4 and to this.

Inside is a hint to the plot, if you can answer the question. )
I am so tired. My eyes want to close and my vision wants to blur.
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Today was like the rest of my week, something had to go and ruin the day. I tried to do my math homework only hit a road block that my teacher never went over. So after a few choirs I  decided I was going to go see a movie I've been waiting to see for a year. Only my favorite theater wasn't showing it! So I had to drive to the closet one, and it was horrible. 80's deco mixed with model conviences. But that wasn't the worst of it. I saw a cockroach without its head in the bathroom. Needless to say I  didn't get anything from the concession stand. And that wasn't the worse of it either. Twice during the trailers the projector malfunctioned and about 20 min from the end of the movie the film seperated. It literally came apart they said. How the hell does that happend to a brand new roll? I got my money back plus two movie passes at least. I used my phone to look up what other theaters were playing and had to drive a few miles to it and wait nearly an hour in my car. It would have been a waste trying to do anymore. I had to pay an extra two dollars but oh well.

The movie was good but disappointing. It was very timid and I think they could have easily made it more suspensefull. And me being the romantic as a girl as I am was with the ending. I'd give it a B-. Solid story but the director could have put so much more into it. Great job by the cast too.

So now I sit with a slightly upset tummy. Hopefully I'll be in bed and asleep in an hour, baring nothing else happens.

The great Irony of it all is my housemate has been gone all day, and if I had known that I wouldn't have left the house. I assumed she's be back in around the time I'd be at the movie (the first time) but no.
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x.x Noooooo...... lol. Today I saw my last summer movie, and not exactly the one I wanted. Studios are doing something weird right now, they're moving the dates around for a number a movies, like Harry Potter for example. I had wanted to see Bangkok Dangerous, but they moved the release back a week. So I saw Death Race, it was a lot better than I was expecting. For the first time in a long time, the R rating wasn't because of a sex scene. Not that I don't have problem with sex, but it has be hot and nice, thank you, bang. The story was also awesome, although predictable in some areas. I'd give it a B+, a cool action flick that actuall had a good story line and effects.

Also I am saying good bye to crepes and awesome rice bowls from B & G Crepes. The location is so far away it is unlikely I will be able to make it out there for any reason for some time to come. My favorite so far is Teriyaki Chicken Crepe. I tried it for the hell of it but it was awesome. I like their Teriyaki rice bowl too. There so much to try but so little time, pooh. I hope they're around for a long time to come. ^.^

But alas I am so tired for so little done today. My garage sale is getting put on hold yet another week -.-. Also I'm missing my friends already. Only one will be returning to campus come monday and even my online friends are becoming scarce. ;.; ( [profile] autobotmosquito & [profile] dreamerchaos where are you?)

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I went to go see Mummy 3 with my friend Jospeh. The drive to get him usually takes over an hour, but today it only took me exactly 45 minutes. On the way back to the city to head to the nearest theater we talked, and he left a boomshell of sorts drop when I asked him what classes he'll be taking this term. He's not going to go, he's going to get a job. Lythe isn't going to be there because of her boyfriend situation and needing to work. Ghazal is going to UTSA, taking 5 classes, and working part time. Patrick will be going to Austin for UT. Richard is the only one I might have a chance running into, a slim one at that. 

The movie was great. Movie felt like it hadn't been 7 years since the last one, or 10 since the first; it felt perfect in transition, even though it was done by a different director, had a new actress playing an established character, and the movie takes place twenty years after the last one.

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Woot! It was damn hard on my sleep schedule but we saw The Dark Knight last night. It was awesome, nothing more to be said. My night leading up to the movie, an interesting moment thanks to one of my friends, and the ride home is behind the cut below. Its not much of spoilers in it but I didn't want to upset anyone by chance.

On another note I finally got around to reading and finishing Victory of Eagles by Naomi Novik, book four in the Temeraire series. The book came out on the 9th, and I hadn't been able to touch it at all till yesterday when I helped my friend Ghazal take a ton of laundry to the wash house and sat around reading for nearly two hours and then when I got home read about four more hours. I had only a few dozen pages left last night when I left to go pick up my friends for the movie. I finished it not too long ago and was very pleased and so eager for more. 

So while I could possibly having to deal with the landlord sometime this coming week, behind in my schedule on going through my stuff, and what not I'm in a good mood right now.

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I want to smash my friend's brains out. ArGH! I asked him so many times, if he was SURE he could go, damn it. I bought IMAX tickets to see The Dark Knight for my friends, who will be paying me, in advance because they were selling out since early this week when it doesn't even come out till later today. Well now one says he can't go because of this 'death is coming' sensation. Good grief. So now I'm scrambling, texting my very limited supply of friends who actually live near me to see if they want to go. OI. I have less than 24 hours before we'd have to arrive to stand in line to get good seats in the massive theater. He is going to pay me still, just in case I can't find anyone to go, since I may not get my money back. Oi. 

I'm going to bed, I need to cuddle my living teddy bear. Because its like a freaking fate. If one folds, then they all fold one by one when I am able to put an idea together for us all to do something.

Count Down

Jul. 15th, 2008 08:25 pm
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Well, I don't know when but today my landlord will be arriving by airplane (I think). She might already be in town, just hasn't visited today. I'm still fighting my body, so I'm not getting -a lot- done. I got a small corner of my room organized and cleaned somewhat. Its hard to get all the little stuff when the broom is missing. Don't take a genius to figure out where. I talked to my health insurance guy, think we might have figured out the problem. Did laundry, scrubbed the hell out of the tub, cleaned the bathroom counter and sink, then took a well deserved bath, and ordered the The Dark Knight IMAX tickets for my group. I really wished I had focused on buying those tickets this past weekend, the evening showings were sold out for Friday. Only ones left were for early in the day and 1:45am late showing, we lost a person because of work issues to keep another, oh well. I don't know why but the back of my calves are killing me. I feel like I pulled them, but that's not possible. Read some fan fiction, posted a drabble, worked on another. That about rounds up my day.

I'm gonna hit my paper mess of a dresser tomorrow along with three things I have to do outside the house. If my house-mate is gone when I get home I'll clean the counters, stove top, and sink. I usually only clean on the weekends because by habit I don't have time otherwise from school, work, and studying every day during the school year.

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Or really no Surprise. For the second time in a row my friends and I had to scratch our plans to go to the best water park in the United States that is only an hours drive from where we live because of money and too few people. The plan was to carpool with a group of 4 to 5 people. I even have coupons that take $2 off the general admissions. We'll there is always next month, and maybe third time will be the charm.

Also, I was somewhat drag to see Wanted last night at a 12:01 am showing. My friend was going with some co-workers and the reason I went because another friend who is in town was going too. I haven't see him in months. He lives 300 miles away and is in the military. So I went and I was surprised, it was very good. I wasn't like all 'oh man, that was amazing!' but it flowed really well, and the story was good, and most of all the actors were awesome. I'd give it a A minus simply for I felt more could have been added. Most movies go for two hours, this had a full twenty minutes to spare to go more indepth of the characters or 'training' is all I have to say. 

In a few hours I'll be carpooling my friends and we'll all be going to see Wall-E. Money is still tight, so we won't be doing our usual buy the tickets an hour and a half early and eat out next door at a really good mexican resturant.  

Beyond that I got a few arrons to run before and after the movie and my friend will just have to sit with me while I do them. I'll be covering at least 50 miles today, joy.


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