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Its hard to sleep, I am apparently used to Lucky breathing, snoring, and bumping my bed in the night and wake up or unable to easily fall asleep because he is gone. I called the vet office yesterday, they said I'll either be getting a call tomorrow or Wed when his ashes arrive for me to pick them up. To make things frustrating for me, I want to take Yoko with me to eat out but the city decided to recently enforce an ordinance that was on the books that forces restaurants to buy permits in order for dogs to simply be on their patios again. Its going to be weeks before any of the established pet-friendly places will be able to allow dogs again. I missed class Friday and I hope I'll be able to wake up tomorrow morning. I have a test in a week from tomorrow and I'm no where near ready....


Sep. 9th, 2010 11:04 pm
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At about 10:20 tonight Lucky was put to rest.

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Lucky day 4

Sep. 8th, 2010 11:43 pm
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In some ways Lucky is better, he's more willing to eat but I still have to feed him with a turkey baster until the antibiotics do their work. In other ways he's worse; he's lost weight, I don't need a scale to see it. I've come up with a new mixture to feed him via the turkey baster but it waters down his canned food a lot, taking up a lot of room in his stomach and there by not giving him as much calories or nutrients he needs. He's looking as miserable as he was on Sunday, the only difference is he's able to walk, eat, and drink but looks absolutely miserable. His tummy obviously doesn't like what its being put through but so far no vomiting so I just have to pace things as best I can. The sooner he can eat on his own the better he'll feel. He wants to eat, the poor thing. I'm currently waiting for his towels to finish drying. Because of the insane rain from Hermine the last 3 days I've had to use all the dog towels to dry them and get mud of their feet and now he doesn't have a towel for his bed, hence the wash. On the good news I was able to finally get a high calorie can food to add into the mix, this should help him but he can only have it for a few days and it must be mixed with his other food.
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Well, Lucky was awesome at the vet, he walked right in un-assisted once we got him up the single step outside into the office. He was slower than he 'normally' would be and not as social but interested what was going on. The vet was impressed that he was up and walking. She gave him another shot and prescribed him some oral steroids he'll start tomorrow morning for the next two weeks that will gradually decrease. What is not so good that once we got home he was somewhat depressed again. I think his mouth is giving him trouble, he is due for his monthly bid of anti-biotics for a week and I'm hoping that is part of the problem. The poor thing just stands there and stares at either his water or food bowl. I had to semi-force feed him wet food from a spoon and check method. He ate a small can of a high calorie wet food the vet at the ER clinic gave me, if it appears to not give him trouble I'll go buy more. He is also eating the baby food semi-well from a turkey baster. The only problem is the stupid baby food is so thick nearly half of it stays stuck inside the turkey baster. I'll need to figure out a way to thin it but not make it like water. But he has show a great interest in the baby food, he perks right up sniffing for it. Its going to be a tough week for me, if he doesn't improve I have very few options. I believe in giving him a chance and see if he still has the will to go on and not simply give up on him because 'he is old'. I've been hearing that for nearly 4 years now, and while I have no illusions that he has that amount of time I'm not going to put him under unless he doesn't have the will or there isn't any more I can do for him to have a comfortable life. Even if its a month or just less than a year, its another day he's gone on fighting and until he gives up I won't either.
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Lucky is doing better in a few ways. He's able to walk when assisted to get up and urinate (the vet was worried he might not be able too) on his own. However he has only drink a fraction of what he normally does (and why one nickname was camel) and hardly eaten anything and most of it I down right had to trick him into eating. I am going to give him another day, we're taking him in about an hour to get another steroid shot. I'm just worried on him being dehydrated again if he is so. Worry, worry, worry. The vet yesterday did suggest something odd, chicken baby food. He is egar for it (god it STINKS) so I'm wondering if I ask my regular vet for antibiotics tomorrow he usually gets anyways every month for his mouth if that should help his eating.


I'm still in emotional hell. A few hours he looks great, the next he looks like shit just laying on his dog bed and not really wanting to move. Back and forth, oi. He doesn't try to get up and follow me but if he is up he wanders around the house or follows me. He also gets damn near normal perky and other times looks depressed. Oi, Oi, Oi. The only reason I haven't taken to put him down is because he is better than yesterday and showing signs of wanting to do things. If it gets to the point where he doesn't... you know what I've decided to do.
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Lucky is not doing so well. And how this all started is beyond bizarre.

I woke up to find him stuck in a laundry basket. Seriously. He was unable to get out of it, as it was right side up, and stressing out. I got him out and he appeared fine. A few hours later he started to have trouble walking and then began to behave abnormally. I rushed him to the Emergency Pet Clinic and lets just say I had an emotional hell. The pet clinic is much more expensive than Becker's, but Becker's been getting some heat and I don't want to go near there until they've long established themselves in more reputable terms. I had them do a blood work, even though I feel he aggravated his spine (he had an injury in March), because he's on medication that can over per-long use can cause his liver to fail. It came back just within the normal limits, which was surprising with how much he gets but he does take milk thistle to help his liver. A few things may 'possibly' indicate other diseases or cancers but they were low enough not to really draw flags. His kidneys were also doing fine, just a bit high on levels. He was dehydrated so they put him on fluids for 4 hours and gave him a steroid shot. If he does not do better I am frightened of what I might have to decide.
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Seriously. It took them almost 2 weeks and me calling three times to get them to fax refills on lucky's meds. I was like finally!!!! Then I looked at the approved amount and I wonder... wtf.... He needs 60 pain pills, NOT 30!!!! He takes them twice a freaking day!! ARGH!!!!

-head hits desk-

I didn't discover this until after work and the vet closed by then.


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I still can believe I haven't been online for over a week. I've been that run down between 9 hours of baby sitting, fighting allergies thanks to air pressure, and Lucky falling ill to arthritist. I basically collapsed within two hours of coming home and up again before dawn with only my phone to check email. I hardly know what has happened news wide. I know a few major events but thats it, I'm so out of the loop on a lot of things. I need to go to the cybertronian newsletter for the past two weeks worth of updates, oi. -sighs- But I have a summer session class tomorrow and I haven't even bought the book, thankfully I'll have a few hours to get it. I just have to get my butt up. -sighs-. Hopefully given a few days things can calm down, finally.

On the cool news, I was able to attend the annual anime convention San-Japan (if for Sat only), and it was GREAT!!!
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I've set up four mice traps to see how many mice I may catch tonight. I placed two of the white disposable Ortho mice traps in the kitchen, one in a cabnet that I know the mice visit and the other behind the fridge. I placed two big Tom Cat reusable 'rat' traps in the garage on opposite sides. All have peanut butter. I know the Tom Cats will work, I used them when mice got into my mom's garage after the flood in 2002, the flood was said to be one that happens once every 500 years. It once caught two mice in one go.

In other news, Lucky's claim was finally processed and I am being a sent a check next week for his vet costs from his spinal injury. What I am PISSED about it they knocked off about $20-40 because they found the charge 'essessive'. Like the freaking x-rays, $20 were knocked off. Argh!!! I was expecting a $400 and some check. I'm getting a $380 amount from nearly $700 worth of care. ARGH. I'm not happy.

Ow Lucky!

Apr. 17th, 2010 10:39 pm
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He may still be under weight and not eating as frequently as I like but he has been eating enough food everyday that I'm not gonna freak out. But also he is back to his normal bite my fingers when I give him meds. No longer does he take it gently, back to  his old self in that respect. -sighs- Now if he would eat when I'd like him to eat so I could give him his pain meds in a timely manner everything would be lovely. Oi.

I have a feeling I'll be sleeping in tomorrow, I've been up till 11pm this whole week waiting for stinker butt to eat so I could give him meds. oi.
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My Uncle is suppose to be visiting the coming weekend, my cousin will be bring maids that work for one of her neighbors to clean the master bath and bedroom because of the dusk and grim from the repairs over a month ago. I pretty much gave up on trying to clean that room, oi. Anyways so I came home and lucky fell flat on his butt outside when he was trying to poop and when I lifted him up and tried to clean him up with a huge bundle of wet paper towels I found something on his butt hole. A dime size abscess was my guess and promptly took him to the ER vet I took him to last time, they don't card extra and they're open 24/7. Turns out it was a cyst right on the wall inside is butt hole and only part of it was poking out. They have to lance it and clear it up -cringes- poor Lucky. So basically I didn't get home again till near 9pm. I ate and then bit by bit got to sorta straightening things out for the maids and when my cousin comes. At this point the kitchen is still a wreck but as I told my cousin, they're coming over for the master bath and bedroom, if there is time before I have to leave for work maybe the kitchen and den. I am not even sure I want to try to go to bed, I have to get to campus by 8am to see about summer classes.
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I had to take him to the vet before work, he was disoriented for about a good half hour this morning. He apparently had a minor seizure.The verdict is there is possibly a tumor on his spinal cord or on his frountal lobe or possibly a nervous system infection. I'm seeking the opinion of my regular vet on Monday. If it is one of those three I'm hoping for the infection, that can be dealt with while it will be expensive over time to do so.
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Its a rainy day today, its been raining none stop since about 4am this morning. I had just taken Yoko and Lucky to the vet for a quick check up and getting meds for the sores developing on Lucky's gums. I was lifting Lucky into the back of my car in the rain when he decides TO PEE, and there for, ON ME!!! Thank god I follow a rule of thumb, never wear nice clothes when taking Lucky to the vet! After putting him in the back of the car I go inside the vet and they kindly give me hand sanitizer and towels for my peed on arm and hand. Head home, get the dogs out of the car, washed my hands and arm with Dawn, and here I am.
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I wake up smelling poo. that's right, poo. Lucky had pooped in his sleep... -sighs- This is the 3rd or 4th time this year. -sighs- Apparently he didn't go last night when I let them out, because while trying to get the door open to let him out he started peeing. Right on my foot. How does he have to pee in an angle? He hasn't lifted it leg in three years! And now he's sitting behind me giving little fizzy toots of gas I can hear every few minutes. What a morning....
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I've dealt with him sleeping behind my chair so I can't back up and I've had to stop over him.

I've dealt with his silent stink bombs.

Now I'm having to deal with him 'dreaming' and kicking the damn feet of my rolling chair.

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You startle him, like I just did yelling at Yoko for eating his food,  when he's laying down and he sits up abruptly he farts.

And it stinks.
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Argh, I'm exhausted and my brain is still muffled. Even though I've seen TF2 and I remember how it goes the finer details escape me, which annoys the heck out of me.


On the good news Lucky's appetite appears to be back. And I never thought I'd be glad for this but I caught him trying to hump Yoko. LOL. Seems he's feeling better...   >.>   Silly old dog.

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Argh, I just can't get a break!!! My vet decided to start a new policy. And say's I'm the inspiration. argh. $5 for every new prescription order called in to an another pharmacy, the net in my case. $3 for every refill. The reason I'm doing it only so I can save up to $50 a month on the stupid shit so that $50 goes toward the pet insurance for all three of my pets. Damn it.

-head hits desk-

Am I going to have to switch vets that I use to order meds now?

I go there as is for single does of their heartworm and flea protects every month, I can't afford to get a six month pack for them right now. That's like... almost $60. Isn't my $60 to them that way enough? jeez. thanks dude.

Its just... so freaking annoying. If the meds weren't cheaper where I order them now I wouldn't be going it.
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Me very happy, and I'm sure he will too once it kicks in XD.
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I've got the worst head cold that I can remember, my doctors appointment with my ear specialist is now at 7:15AM tomorrow, and I have to be at work yet again by 1pm to organize. Ugh. But that's not what is making me feel so awful. Poor Lucky is out of pain meds, the last one I gave him before work has worn off. He's not yelping in pain but he looks so uncomfortable, I feel so bad. I hope the meds arrive after I return from the doctor and before work so he can have some kind of relief.


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