Dec. 23rd, 2008 11:01 pm
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My dear friend, she's going through so much right now on a personal level and there isn't much I can do. It was only by accident I found out the real source of what has her so upset, and there isn't anything I can do. At least she knows now I'm not going to be one to judge her. Not now, not ever. What she is going through is deeply private, hence why I am not uttering what it is or could be, and I wish I could easy her pain and worry. If only I had my own place, I would be sure she knew that if she needed to escape, for a night, a week, or a month, whatever it may be she had a place just to get away and her family wouldn't question so she could deal in her way. But with the looming visit of my landlord coming sometime in the next month I didn't dare. I would not subject her to that scrooge of a woman. My landlord already has a history of attacking me verbally infront of my friends instead of putting the blame where it solely belongs, her daughter. She did this before I had live journal I think.
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Yesterday I had to drive two hours to Austin just to see my friend who tutors me in japanese. He had to stay for class projects instead of heading back to SA on the weekend like he usually does. Everything was fine, I got some work done and progress made in understanding some of the grammar. So progress made we went to hang out before I would leave, to let go of the stress and catch up what had happened during the week and upcoming events.  Everything went find until I was driving back to my friend's apartment to drop him off before heading out of town.

I get a call from my landlord. I assume its about my rent, since I hadn't been able to get a hold of her for two weeks and I only paid half rent. Nope. She's raving at me about my dogs. She accuses me of treating them inhumanely for locking them in my room. Excuse me? I don't have a choice which refused to listen. Her daughter won't listen to me on how to properly watch after them, particularly Lucky with his arthritis. The Aunt has demanded me to lock them in my room when I leave the house for any amount of time. Her replay? "I'm sorry you can't trust my daughter." .

It infuriated me. How DARE she accuse me of such. I 'could' possibly get by and go to school full time and not have a part time job. But that amount of money would not and will not cover the normal vet visits, let alone the meds and rush vet visits. An average 1/4 of all my pay checks during the year go to my  three pets. And we had just eating and my stomach went into loco mood. I became nauseous, running to the bathroom for several reasons, and cramping in my stomach too. I left hours later than I had planned because I couldn't chance not finding a bathroom while on a the road. I'm still in pain this morning and feeling the need to 'go' almost constantly and angry for many reasons.

1) My housemate knows my landlord is mad at me and sall smug about it, the bitch.
2) Guess who was in the living room when I finally got home at midnight? My co-owner's boyfriend/fiance who isn't suppose to be in the house let alone stay over night!
3) Not getting a solid sleep I get up to find my co-owner's boyfriend using the washer and drying on MY WASH DAY! The only day in the entire week I can do laundry! And Guess what, its leaking. Still usable, but water leaks from the tub. They over filled it, how do I know? Because I'm smart and do tests, the idiots. I know how much to put in and how much not to. I have the washer and dryer now, but for how long? I have 4 loads total to do. Towels, jeans, clothes, and bedsheets.

My week looks to be like hell.

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I do not have the money to pay my rent in full. I pay $400 on the first of each month unless it fall on a weekend or holiday. But because of emergency spending, like a locksmith, I do not have the funds in my account. I can pay about half of it right now, but my landlord is not answering her phone in the last 2 days nor calling me back... oi oi oi.

She's expecting the money to be there, damn it. And I know I'm gonna get yelled at and the last thing I want is her daughter to know but it looks like she'll find out because I'm stuck in the house and unless my housemate leaves she will most likely over hear because there is not insulations in the inner wall.

damn it.
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Well I made some progress made today... not a lot in the grand scale of things. I emptied out my container of winter clothes into just one cube bag, the smallest of the three(Large). I have another one, the largest (jumbo), started for blankets. Only one could be cleaned at my house, I have to drag the rest of my blankets, 5 in all (not including the ones going to be donated), to the wash house. I have about 4-5 jackets I need to clean too. I'm going to use one of the Ex-Large space bags to put the sheets, blanket, matress pad, and all I use for my blow up matress for guests into a single container. I can only put the matress pad in it by itself otherwise, but that blanket has to be washed too, so that will wait for another day. But in all, I now have two containers that fit under my bed free to be filled of other stuff. It would take all three to hold the guest supplies, space bag should allow me to get that down to one.

So now I have to figure out what goes where, if I am keeping it. Things I will most likely go looking for several times a year will go under my bed. Stuff, like Halloween costumes, will go in the container in the closet. I hope to have the ten boxes I have in my room gone by the end of the week. If that can be done I will have a huge weight taken off my back. I talked with my second mom, she doesn't know when my house-mate will be returning, but suspects she'll be gone at least a week, most likely longer, considering my house-mate mom had to fork up the cash when she's in such trouble finacially right now somewhat. The longer the break,from her, the better. I am not making huge progress, but I'm not forced to hide in my room and there by able to get things done.

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Well this just bites, talk about my house-mate eating out of the palm of my landlords hand. We're in red apparently on a lot of bills, possibly to be cut off if they aren't paid soon, and my landlord will not pressure my house-mate to get a job. Lovely. She's sick of people blaming her daughter. Well hello, don't you think that all these different people actually have a point?

I just had to pay to keep the internet and tv, which I don't think my house-mate deserves, but I do need to keep it from being disconnected. Since my landlord has forgotten to call me during the past year for most of the utilities due I don't have too much a problem with it. My rent will also be raised to $400 a month, but I won't be paying utilities. And another weight is off my shoulders, my landlord is not in town, she couldn't afford to come, yahoo. My only real worry money wise now is something horrible and drastically wrong happens and we're cut off on our utilities and eventually a problem with the house. My landlord doesn't need to even say anything, I know how the real world is right now, even if she doesn't tell her daughter anything, as she admitted to me, and my house-mate is her own la la land. $400 is still a great deal, so I'll put up with it.

Even though I know its just my house-mate being lazy, manipulative, and a bitch to her mother. I'm starting to not care, as long as when she looses the house, as it will most uncertainly happen over time as they now stand, takes place when I'm long gone and safe in my own place. I pity the mom, but I have no sympathy for the bitch.

Count Down

Jul. 15th, 2008 08:25 pm
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Well, I don't know when but today my landlord will be arriving by airplane (I think). She might already be in town, just hasn't visited today. I'm still fighting my body, so I'm not getting -a lot- done. I got a small corner of my room organized and cleaned somewhat. Its hard to get all the little stuff when the broom is missing. Don't take a genius to figure out where. I talked to my health insurance guy, think we might have figured out the problem. Did laundry, scrubbed the hell out of the tub, cleaned the bathroom counter and sink, then took a well deserved bath, and ordered the The Dark Knight IMAX tickets for my group. I really wished I had focused on buying those tickets this past weekend, the evening showings were sold out for Friday. Only ones left were for early in the day and 1:45am late showing, we lost a person because of work issues to keep another, oh well. I don't know why but the back of my calves are killing me. I feel like I pulled them, but that's not possible. Read some fan fiction, posted a drabble, worked on another. That about rounds up my day.

I'm gonna hit my paper mess of a dresser tomorrow along with three things I have to do outside the house. If my house-mate is gone when I get home I'll clean the counters, stove top, and sink. I usually only clean on the weekends because by habit I don't have time otherwise from school, work, and studying every day during the school year.

Hell begins

Jun. 4th, 2008 11:09 am
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She lost her job. She's been fired, and now I'm stuck in this limbo that has been going on for almost a month where she's here all day. Her aunt is still making visits, she's here now, and from them talking is how I found out. I can only imagion what this is going to do with my rent situation. Her mom will now be paying for everything, including food. I know she's not making an effort to job hunt. She can say she is online wise but that is bull, you still got to go out and make the effort or it isn't going to work. 

I know I said that I'd find another place to live come hell and high water but that was before the mess in the economy, before gas prices, food prices, and just about everything shot up to hell. I'm suck here, plain and simple unless a few key things happen. It upsets me I'm trapped and can't do anything about it.

It upsets me when my friends don't understand what I mean by that, and think its not that hard to find another place to live, when it its with the requirements I need. A friend of mine who just moved into her own apartment is now beginning to freak out. She had bought a used car, but didn't listen to me, and instead of sticking to a small car like she was already driving got a SUV. Its a good model and for its size gets good milage, but not great. She goes one of the major Universitys, and even though she gets financial aid is doesn't cover all of it and it comes out of her pocket. It looks like she might have to move back in with her dad, which I know will drive her buggie as well.

All in all, my life is slowly getting more stressful, even if it is getting more uneventful. School is out, and come July I will be completely free of work and school for more than a month until training starts in for the new school year and my classes begin. 

I am going to be stuck in a house with my house-mate because gas will make it too expensive to even go to a friend's house regularly to escape, and the bus system here is not that efficient. 

Its a ticking time bomb waiting to go off as far as the nit wit is concerned, oi. How the hell I can keep from going into depressed/anxiety fits and keep a somewhat of a positive out look boggles me.

Because even as I type this, angry, upset, and of mix emotions, I'm mostly calm. Not in a detached sort of way or anything like that. 

I would probrably have more in my mind to type, but I got to get ready for work. I have to be there early, its the last day of the regular school year and we have inventory to do, joy.


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