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Sep. 8th, 2009 06:49 pm
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I talked to my Japanese teacher and while everything isn't fine I do feel a little better but not much, I got blindsided with a test Thurs. I have two bookwork assignments, two online assignments, and two online quizzes to complete in math before tomorrow night. Thankfully all is quiet in the English area but my brain is still smarting from the poetry term headache from earlier today. I totally need to redo those stupid terms and put them in alphabetical order (no, they weren't in order when given to me!) and I have to research places in china for my poem (I'll explain later!).

Everyone is right, me is stressed!
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I'm at the point where I want to emotionally give up on studying Japanese. It feel so hopeless. Everything is just BLANK. Its a fucking embarrassement to be in the damn office with that a-hole taking six academic classes and reading kanji jerk. I'm ready to throw in the towel. I can't do the fucking book work or work book on my own. I'm close to tears, I'm going to cry when I have to face my teacher tomorrow. I can't do this. There is no fucking way.
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At noon Friday Ghazal and I will be attending San-Japan in the yukatas. I heard from my friend from the trip and traded one of my yukatas with her because I had one that fit her better than the one she had bought. And the extra ties and obi-ita arrived today too! We're trying to figure out hair styles now because you're not suppose to have hair on your neck when wearing kimonos of any kind. Ghazal is also thinking of playing up make up brighter than we normally would to flare with the yukatas. After a lot of money crunching I'll have about $50 to spend on stuff for the convention. I already have one item in mind, I just hope if they the dealer I know is going to be is carrying it its in the colors I want.

I need to do my nails tomorrow.. they're horrible... eck. I normally wear sneakers so I don't usually care, but I'll be wearing geta so I have to! Lol.


Aug. 10th, 2009 03:25 pm
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That was just.. unbelievable bad luck!!! My friend Ghazal is going with me to the Anime Convention Friday and we want to wear the Yukata I bought in Japan. But I am missing a few important pieces. I need Obi-ita, its like a board you place under the obi to keep it from getting wrinkles and keeps it in its place, and koshi himo. I have three koshi himo I bought in Japan, but you need at least two to wear the yukata so I need to buy more. And I only found some on ebay inside the US, they were available this morning when I emailed the the seller about the Obi-ita and if she could ship priority and combine shipping. When I got a yes I headed to ebay. Guess what, all the koshi himo were GONE. Sold OUT. Within three hours of finding them, that's three sets!!!! I only needed ONE! ARGH. So now I'm debating. Do I order 2 Obi-ita and try to come up with something that will work for the koshi himo? I'm secretly hoping she posts more for sale tonight. -sighs-
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Okay, deleting blurs, no goods, and so on only I'm left with about.. 1,600 or so pictures... I haven't finished, just done a head figure. Of those I've been able to narrow it down to just under 450 for the CD I need to take to Japanese class. My teacher is adding to this a written final exam that is mainly vocab and a three page report on cultural differences. All of this due Thursday. The CD is done, just need to get a disk to burn to. My main worry is now writing the freaking report. I wish I had been informed last week, lord knows I didn't have anything to do during the weekend! Oi. Not to mention typing, finding someone to proof read, edit, and finish. Can I say pressure?
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I am so tired, it feels like my brain is a fuzzy haze. All I can do is sleep. I'm missing two days of Japanese class as is. I think also adjusting to American food after eating Japanese two weeks straight put a toll on my stomach and digestion system. I didn't eat greasy fast food but it was still greasy compared to Japanese food.


I emailed my teacher, but I feel guilty. I sat next to her on the flight back from Chigaco and told her I'd make it. Oi.

I'm furious with my cousin, she didn't take the meds to Camp Bow Wow while I was gone, so lucky was without one of his pain meds and his heart meds for days before I arrived home. Argh. He's in enough pain its effecting his eating, which keeps me from giving him pain meds! He needs to eat first before he can have them!


Jul. 1st, 2009 01:54 am
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I don't have enough time to write about my adventures in Japan yet, I'd need a few hours that I don't have. Japanese classes start up again for another two weeks tomorrow at 10:30am and I need to tend to real life matters before I can do my cyberlife.... On the good note I found Revoltech Magnus, Starscream, Rodimus Prime and Megatron. Optimus was completely sold out, I went to eight different stores and nothing. Even the online ebay sellers in the US were sold out when I got back, I've had to order from Hong Kong a few hours ago just to get him... -sighs-. Fifty dollars with shipping and insurance. He'll be here in two weeks.

Finally saw TF2 )

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In 24 hours I will be on a flight home. A very long trip back awaits me. I have a five hour lay over at Chicago before my flight home to San Antonio. Sadly I was unable to obtain Roveltech Optimus Prime. I found all the others but him, he is sold out. I have been to eight different stores in Tokyo between now and last night. I found out of another place but its closed and my depature is long before they open again tomorrow. Looks like I will have to do Ebay, hopefully I will not have to pay fifty dollars for him! 

I will post again after I see the movie in about two days.

Oh and I asked one of the guys on the tour out....



Jun. 25th, 2009 08:02 am
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Hello from Nagasaki, the Christanity center of Japan! :p

I leave for Fukyuora (if I'm spelling that right) in half an hour. I'll enjoy an osen, traditional hotspring bath, tonight before we leave for Tokyo tomorrow by plane. I've taken over 1,000 pictures, and that's with deleting many of the ones I don't like at the end of each day. I'm on my 4GB memory card. I've also taken about 8 videos or so. Its been very fun. I think I've lost weight too! Just eating the local food and being on the go and nothing really westernized seems to be dropping weight for everyone. Won't know till I get to the scale back home if its true or just jeans loosening from all the walking!

Sadly I haven't seen any transformers toys or stuff, but I have no fear, I will find them in Akiharbara in Tokyo!


Jun. 22nd, 2009 10:54 pm
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The main person who I have been worrying would ruin the trip is reaching that point. My poor teacher is close to tears. The girl first kept borrowing money from people from day on in Japan even though she had money but didn't exchange it, or withdrawal money from the international ATMs. Long story short she's not 'taking her meds' and threating to be suicidal, saying 'we're hurting her'. She's pulling middle school drama and its pissing me off. I've been involved with the gossip because it reached so many people she was asking money from, its not excusable. She's been to Japan before, so she knew the drill as much as me. She's finally, I think, paid people back. But she wouldn't give people space so people are out right avoiding her, including me because her imaturity is making my temper run hot and fast.

She's been shuffled around twice now, had rows with three people big time, and a minor one with me, that I know of.
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Those people at my doctor's office better not give me shit today. My period started yesterday evening and I'm already moody a day early and in pain. I have so much to do today, my Uncle will be staying for almost a week while I'm gone and with a guest, so I have even more cleaning and organizing to do. I am very, very, grumpy.
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Seriously, I am getting really, really close to being pissed off.

I was annoyed when the school dropped extra paper work and expenses on me.

I was aggravated by the asshole vet tech I seem to get stuck with everything I call my vet and the idiots that work with my doctor. If the vet or the doctor weren't so go I wouldn't be going there any more. But the fact remains, my dog's meds are getting here late, I had to pay extra shipping on that already too. The fact remains that its been over 48 hours since I called my doctor's office and forced to leave a message with the nurse and explained what is going on and still have not received a call back.

The fact reminds that I am having trouble finding items I need for this two week run of a trip. I am not staying in one location, we are going to five cities. I need pain killers, midol, pepto, and such meds in case they are needed because we're hardly going to be at the hotel to begin with. Carrying 3 or 4 bottles ontop of prescription bottles in my purse isn't possible. I can't just the pills with me, they need to be in their offical packaging be it a packet or a bottle or they will get confiscated.

I do not have all day free, my morning is spent at the school and my afternoons running around and trying to get people to do their jobs apparently. I still need that letter and pick up another one from a different doctor. I still need to take Yoko and Lucky to the vet and get their kennel cough vaccine updated. I still need to finish preping that stupid letter for my uncle on my fall tuition. I still need to buy both Yoko and Lucky to weeks worth of food and start packing their stuff (meaning washing toys and beds). I still need to find items to save room in my suitcase in travel size amounts. I still need to get my pants from the tailor. I still need check out other travel insurances. I still need get a pest company to inspect the house and get a quote this week before my cousin and I call my uncle and inform him of the situation. I still need to pay my cell bill and car payment and if the water bill comes in this week that too.

All this week I have hardly been home between 8 or 9am to 9pm or later. I have purchased a lot of things I need, I have one letter from my dentist on a prep he had me on, I have the care outline for Lucky done and ready. I have not be able to study nor read any of the travel info other than customs on my trip. I am relying solely on my experience in traveling for long haul by my trip to Italy in 2003 and my trip to Japan in 2005.

So when I talk to a friend and he ask what's up. I tell him the truth. Said friend decides to say "You don't need that", I say bullshit. As far as I know, he's never been on a short haul flight, let a lone a 16 hour fly with a few hours layover in the middle of it. Let alone traveling somewhere that wasn't a family's place without his parents for more than a few days, let alone two weeks.

I'm crank. I need to rant. I'm bitchy because mainly the stupid people in my class who are arrogant and won't shut the hell up when I ask the teacher a question and interupt with "I'll tell you after class", I ask the teacher not them. I'm bitchy because of the stupid vet tech who has to give me attitude for some damn reason either in person or on the phone. I'm bitchy because of the stupid nurses at my doctor's office.

I had enough to do without these stupid termites, people, and my uncle on top of everything. I've already yell at my friend and while I feel sorry I feel justified too. He's a guy, he knows jack about having to carry a damn purse on your shoulder.

14 days...

Jun. 2nd, 2009 10:56 pm
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Can you believe its just 14 days? I'm so trying NOT to freak out. My to do list tomorrow includes paying fixed bills a head of time and all bills that have come in so far. The sooner I get that out of my bank account the better I know just how much spending money I can take with me to Japan. 

I wonder how many emails I'll have in my mail box when I get back if I'm unable to check it while overseas for two weeks. I thought I'd make this a game, the person close to the number when I get back wins a sparkling ficlet of their choice of characters. :)

On a side note... I think Yoko's favorite toy is going to have to be trashed soon... its so sad since its a teddy bear.
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I have just five more days of work, that's it, for this school year. The kids get out a week from today. I start summer classes in two weeks. That makes it just three weeks, give or take a few more days, before I leave for Japan. I'm trying not to freak out.
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Right now I'm trying to study hard, I have class tomorrow and need to go in and finish my last chapter test before the finals next week. Not surprisingly I'm having difficulty focusing, my brain keeps trailing away to transformers, stories, and ideas. It just keeps floating to this and that. As mush as I would like for the muses to work, now is really not the best time. I also wonder if I'm gonna have to see my doctor for the third week in a row, the area where the cyst ruptured still hurts when I move around, it didn't hurt nearly this much last week. I can still go to work but it does slow me down and I have noticed I've becoming crankier with the kids acting up.

Speaking of work, my co-workers came up with an interesting idea. Throw the kids for a loop and switch teachers with grades. What am I getting? FOURTH. Totally out of my element. I can handle looking after them for a few minutes because they don't really know me and are... cautious. But for the entire work day of 4 hours? I'm so glad my boss asked how I felt. I told her I'd do it, I just don't think I could handle it on my own. I don't know if its happening tomorrow or next Thursday and they didn't tell me who would be with me....
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My head hurts. And I've hardly studied. Its been hurting in a fuzzy/sleepy kinda way for off and on several days. I'm sleeping a lot, but I'm still tired and feel like I could just doze all day in bed.


The only productive thing I've done all day is laundry, I've gotten my primary wash of clothes and towels done, now its just washing blankets and sheets to put up in the closet.

I've got two chapter tests in Japanese, one on Monday night for my conversational class and Tues morning for my academic class. Following week are the finals. Oi. I'm getting ready to shut down my computer and try to study once the pain killers take away the mild headache.
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Well, I picked up lucky and knew right away he had a little too much fun. The people at the daycare don't know the signs but I do. A slight foot drag there, a limp here, thighs trembling, and a slight cross to his back feet. Sure enough I come home from my friend's Patrick (his parents invited me to dinner) to find him unable to get up on his own and needing a little help to get steady and going. Its not super bad but oh boy. He'll be getting extra pain meds tonight and tomorrow, lots of rest, and only 15 min periods with me walking him in the backyard about half a dozen times.

I'm exhausted from not getting enough sleep last night because of the co-owners cat waking me up every 45 min the few hours I was able to be in bed. I had a fun day working with people from Japan but I'm about to drop from not having enough sleep. I'm glad tomorrow is Sat, if it was Sunday I'd be worried. I need more than one night of straight sleep to get rested.
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Sorry for the long post, but the computers at my college don't like journal cuts I found out....

As of ten minutes ago I have officially dropped my math class. I have some paperwork to give my doctor when I see her the first week of November. Hopefully this paperwork will allow this drop not to be held against me or my GPA in the future as I work toward my BA. So I have almost two hours until my History class from now to focus on waking up and study for my Japanese vocab quiz and work on sentences to memorize to write to finish my japanese test for tomorrow. I'll get to that once I've checked mail, posted this, and have woken up my brain.

This weekend was a mess as far as me being organized. I locked myself out of my room and had to wait an hour for my friend to come by with the spare key I gave her so I could get my keys and head downtown. There was a Matsuri (Japanese Festival) going on Sat and I wanted and had volunteered to help. As it turns out my class mates (who are asses) apparently stayed longer than their shifts and so I wasn't needed. Fine by me. I got to see a performer play a Koto, a Japanese Harp, and that was awesome. I got photos on my friend's camera but I'll have to wait for her to load them onto her computer and send them to me before I can post them. I also got to attend a presentation by a worker from the Japanese Consulet about the JET program. The rest was okay, but not terribly exciting or interesting to me. I want hard core Japanese, not non-natives dressed in kimono. There was a woman who was said to be speaking about how to get into the anime industry, and when I go there I found out it was only on the art basis, not voice acting which I'd like to try for the hell of it. I get stage fright but put me in box and give me a microphone I think I could do well.

Sunday was as always chore day. Six loads of laundry, and cleaning the bathroom. I might have done more, but I retreated to my room because the co-owner suddenly had guys over hauling in stuff. A LOT OF STUFF. Lets just say there is a 'foot path' from the kitchen to the front door now...  What she's thinking I don't know because she didn't spend the night, she only came by to change before work... She better not be staying somewhere with her 'buea' and using our place as a storage and cat house. But I'm pushing the pressure on my housemate to deal with her and she'll most likely push that onto her mom. I don't want to be the go between I got enough to worry about and I know eventually her mom is gonna yell 'deal with it yourself' eventually and I don't want that at me, thank you very much.

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Why is it when I have tests my brain freezes up this semester? Seriously, its driving me mad. I couldn't fill a single thing in on my Japanese test, my brain just froze up on the material I had been studying over again just before the test! I was already going to have to come in sometime later this week to complete another part of the test but now i don't know what is going to happen since I didn't fill a single thing in. Oi....

Only thing keeping me from spiraling into a seriously bad mood is the fact Youngling was updated and I have that chapter to read now... unless it ends badly, then my bad mood grows...
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I forgot all about a vocab quiz today, and thank you god for my teacher. x.x She'll let me retake it, when I don't know. I got my Japanese test back, 76. Ow....


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