Jan. 26th, 2011 08:43 pm
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My throat started hurting on the way home school and has continued to get worse. Now my ears are starting to hurt... ugh. I've taken my vitamins, nasal spray, and all that lovely stuff. Hopefully I won't wake up any worse in the morning if not a little bit better. I've made several posts on my Shambhala blog today. A few in catching up with events before this past weekend and bits from this weekend. I'm not a very good blogger though, I can't seem to remember what people said as much as I like. I wish I had this all set up this past weekend, oh well. If you're interested I recommend becoming a follower or check up on it every few days right now. I'll try to post here to alert when I've updated it as best I can. Even though I think I'm sucking at writing stuff that have happened I like the layout and images I've got so far. Like my fish! I have Shambhala fish at the bottom of my blog, one in each color of the Shambhala flag! Hehe.
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I missed my classes yesterday due to complications to my meds. I guess they caught up with me from everything I'm on at the moment and woke to horrible abdomen pain, nausea, belching, and such. I was told to no longer take the pain medicine prescribed to me, even though I was already taking it sparingly as needed. -sighs- I slept most of today from a constant migraine that I recently woke free up. My uncle says he wants to come next weekend, which I am horrified to hear. I'm so tired, I'm so busy, and I'm on certain limitations physically. I'm currently asking friends to see who could go grocery shopping with me in the next few days because of that. Oi. I need to clean and organize and I don't have a clue when I can with how I've been feeling.... Oi. I was having a good week, now I dread this next one will be a horrible week.
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For some odd reason for the past 4 days (until this morning) I would wake up bright and early way before my alarm clock. Not today, nope. I woke up like hell, brain stuff and wanting more sleep, to get my butt to classes. On a good note my teacher doesn't need the book and told us to return it (yea, $160 back to me!) and on the bad note she does have an accent but I hope with the fact my notetaker is in in the class I can just focus and get used to it (its not really bad, just when she goes FAST).

Work was... chaotic from beginning to end but I didn't have that overwhelmed feeling since I was moved to 1st grade and half my class are my kinders from last year (and not a single kid who misbehaves every day!). We were thrown off our grove because my boss has to take 5th grade, we're still short a person, but everything was fine until the last half hour the parents showed up. WAY TO FREAKING EARLY and they went to my door first... ei.... and my boss was outside with the 5th graders... -sighs-

Pick up was a mess. They've been doing construction all summer and not finished with one of the two teacher parking lots being used for storage of equipment the teachers were parking in the field and parents in the second teacher's parking lot. (I need to get a picture, this is only till Wed, ehehe). But anyways so parents start arrived at 4:30 instead of 5:00!!! I got mobbed by nearly ten parents trying to move my kids to the temporary (or might be semi-permanent since we don't know about that main parking lot) for the pick up. -sighs-

It was a wreck trying to get kids to their cars, keep the cars moving, keeping the kids where they were suppose to be (and they weren't staying there!!!), keeping an eye on the wandering kids, getting them back in place, getting parents to sign out their kids AND CHECKING THEIR IDs with the pickup list!!!! Gah!!! I'm suprised I didn' get a dizzy spell and collapse now that I think of it. it was 101 today too.

And oh... I have to repeat this for the next three weeks until the bus schedule starts.... x.x
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I can't really tell but if I go off my past surgeries I am in for a very good kind of hell.

How the hell can there be a good kind of hell?

I think I have a cork stitched in my left ear. Last time I had a cork stitched in an ear my hearing went from 40% to 90% when they removed it. It was frightening in a way I can't describe to have everything so loud and unable to turn the volume down. I could hear the freaking AIR move and the rustle of fabric from people breathing!! I was pleading with them to put the freaking thing back IN!!This was about ten years ago and its an experience I would rather not have to go through again but if this surgery was successful then this is what is coming Tuesday in the follow up. I'm absolutely terrified and I'm considering asking a friend and her mom to take me because if it is... I don't think I'll be able to drive for a few hours.... I know this friend is having friends over this weekend so I'm debating on broaching the subject but.. oi. I'm scared, REALLY FREAKING SCARED.

At the same time my hear is off before what little hearing I had is gone in my left side because there is a cork in it. (I think)
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Well, today we're having our all at once bang she dang. My friend's dad is giving me a ride to work in about an hour and a half and my cousin will be picking me up.

Meeting at 11am, going over the usual stuff,

12ish, break for lunch (mad dash to the Luby's for an hour),

between 1-2 back afterwards to get materials and stuff set for the first week of school starting Monday.

4-6pm, meet the parents. Oh hell. This is new.

Right now I'm trying to remember when was the last time I took a pain pill.... I can take up to 2 at a time but I don't want to be drugged up... lol.


Aug. 17th, 2010 08:32 pm
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I've had a lot of support and I am so thankful. I about drove my friend crazy who is staying with me but she has been awesome. Hopefully I'll be able to get some honest sleep tonight and not some hourly intervals. I think I was even drivng the dogs crazy too. I couldn't even read to past the time. Now I can read for short periods and look at screens even longer so I have about 3 episodes of Project Runway to catch up if insomnia continues. I also have the new book by my favorite author, Namoi Novik, that I started when waiting at the surgery center yesterday.

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my surgery yesterday was short, less than 3 hours. There was some disease but only small pockets so my doctor told my friend while I was in recovery this should me it. I don't know if she means completety or just getting rid of the disease. I'll find out next week or so in a follow up. My only complication was waking up extremely tired. That may sound odd but I've been through this so many times I know how I usually react. I couldn't keep my eyes open, even on the drive home But once I did get home and had a 2 hour nap I couldn't sleep except in 20min intervals once or twice an hour. Between the sleeps I was restless and pacing the house. The last 2 hours I've been sleeping longer and starting to get restless and able to focus on thing to read or write.

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Hopefully around this time tomorrow I'll be transferring out of surgery and into the recovery ward if all goes well. Its suppose to start at 1pm but I highly doubt it will start on time. Last time my surgery was around 10am and I was leaving by 6pm so if I go by that I'll be leaving around 9pm, if they actually start on time. I have a feeling though it will be near midnight, yeck. Thanks everyone who had been giving me well wishes. Once I'm able be up and typing I'll give a progress on how it all went down and what the doctor found and says things go from there.


Aug. 13th, 2010 05:58 pm
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Surgery is just 4 days away. I'm more scared this time around, and I'm not really sure why.

Snot Shit

Feb. 7th, 2010 04:32 pm
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Sore Throat and sinus pain are gone. But I'm still blowing snot like crazy, I think i've gone through a box of tissues already, and I'm weak. Very, Very weak. I think I've slept around 30 hours since Friday evenings. I know I slept about 15 since Sat night when I went to bed, only getting up to let the dogs go outside three times and crash to bed again. My body feels like I've had a fever, but there wasn't one. I've checked.
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started yesterday around noon with sore throat, but evenings my sinuses were killing me and my ears pounding on top of sore throat. Morning Same as evening but by noon sore throat gone but sinus hell and ear pain. Oi.... I feel like I'm going to pass out... I took meds but still wanna pass out . no fever but boy does it feel like I have one mentally.

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I received a free H1N1 vaccine today at work, getting it didn't hurt, but my arm is sore now from my elbow to my shoulder blades. x.x
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I am REALLY hating following doctor's orders right now. Its freaking COLD and I can't wear hats or wear my headphones for music. I miss becoming one with the music in my mind. My character Mia is created from that. -sighs- I have an incling to writing or possibly re-write really my Influence fic for the first time in about a year and I can't do it. I just can't without the music and everything else blocked out. -sighs-
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Why the hell would I be so excited? Because it would be a sleepless night and one I would probrably be running to the ER for relief for the near screw up at the pharamcy if not for my doctor and nurse. I still need some pain pills but not something as strong as vicodin, makes me dizzy in good bits of time so I can't drive with it. Pharmacy 'lost' the first fax my doctor sent over when I called and left a message in the morning for the nurse that I needed something for pain. When I arrived at 1:30pm they didn't have it, so I was freaking out the doctor had send the script to the wrong pharmacy. So I called again, gave the number for the pharmacy again and rushed to work (in and out of pain mind you). Well I got a call at work, I had given the correct number the first time and my doctor's nurse not only faxed but followed up with a personal call to make sure the pharmacy got on it FAST. I was getting STRONG bits of pain by the end of work and rush to get me pills. I'm happy to say I'm pain free and not dizzy with the new meds.

Now I need to get to bed, got an 8am follow up and a 10am math test, yuck.
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The noise is still there in my left ear.

Called in

Nov. 30th, 2009 02:15 pm
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I'm allowed to wear my glasses now but until the vicodin completely gets out of my system today I can't go to work. I would usually be clocking in right now. I should be up to driving tomorrow but not to night. I hope my friend can come over and tutor me tonight, my uncle kinda nixed any chance of that over the weekend and I have a test tomorrow.


oh dear...

Nov. 30th, 2009 08:50 am
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period, plus food, plus vicodin... not good combinations


I need to hear from the doctor to day and make appointments, plus work, arrons... oh... dear...


I'm gonna take another nap
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Apparently my doctor's office is closed until Monday for the Thanksgiving Holiday, now I know why all the nurses kept saying we'll be getting calls Monday and not today to see how I'd be doing after the surgery. I feel like I am enternally banned from my glasses, -sighs-. I wasn't expecting this when figuring out my study schedule, I have a math test Tuesday and unless I have the paper right up to my nose its not a 100% in focus. Oi. My uncle flies in today.. not thrilled with it.I'm grumpy and miserable off and on right now so its not looking to be a pleasant weekend. -sighs-
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Well, I'm alone in my house. My friend has been away from her Boyfriend for three days and couldn't take it anymore. -sighs- She'll be dropping in tomorrow after work but now I'm alone and lonely, depressed and sad. I keep thinking with emotions and missing my mom. The pain meds only last 4-6 hours and I'm due to take another one in an hour so I have to stay up and not crawl into bed. I'm just feeling miserable right now. My Uncle flies in tomorrow at 6pm and he's staying till Monday morning. What am I gonna do with him for almost 4 days? I'm glad another friend offered help if I need it tomorrow, because I'm almost out of Yoko's specific dog food and I can't lift the bag right now nor drive. I'm calling the doctor in the morning to find out when can I start wearing my glasses again and start driving.

I;m home

Nov. 25th, 2009 05:23 pm
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If my spelling is messed up I apologze I can't put my glasses on because of the wrapping around my ear and I'm a little bit dizzy. I've been home for about an hour now, had chicken noodle soup and hungry for mom. I normally don't eat a lot after surgeries so I didn't a lot of soup at the store. Plus we for got apple juice and water last night too. i'm alternating between lying down and sitty. I don't feel sleepy at all.


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