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I couldn't find any of my old costumes, they're somewhere still packed up in boxes.  I couldn't find one that I originally wanted that was in my size or didn't look cheap once I put it on.I didn't get a costume until today at 6pm because of that. Problem is, my best friend Ghazal got canceled on by all of her other friends before I could let her know. And my other friend Sarah, who I spent hours walking around the mall helping her find the last bits for her costume, never returned my calls to go out to a party. It ROYALLY pisses me off. Because she knew Ghazal was stuck with her family tonight and knew I wanted to go with her and she even said yes. I bet she allowed her 'other' friends to not let her call me back or respond to my text messages.

The only thing that kept me from screaming and crying was the huge number of tricker treaters that came through the street this year and Yoko and Lucky were a hit in this outfits from Japan. According to the neighboors there were only about 60 kids last year. This year at LEAST 200. I ran out of candy fast and the neighboor gave me some to keep giving out.
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Still no photos from my friend's friend's cameras and my encounter and kiss with Optimus Prime. -sighs- She's got some serious problems to deal with and I doubt I'll be seeing those photos any time soon.

On a better note, the portrait taken by the phtographer came in today, yahoo. Sadly I don't have a scanner.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I was a Bumblebee Bee and put a red Autobot emblem on my right cheek for fun. Photos when I can get them from my friend... which might take about a week....
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My friend lost her camera in her house, but her friends had theirs but its gonna take a few more days before better pictures show up! And yes, his shoulders are lit up!

~sing song voice~ And I gave him a kiss...

I will post more on this awesome Halloween when I have pictures, right now I'm sore. I danced in heels, tall heels for me, and I can't take a bath because I'm out of clean towels. So they're in the wash getting clean and I'm aching right now.

P.S. I got his email!


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