Aug. 17th, 2010 08:32 pm
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I've had a lot of support and I am so thankful. I about drove my friend crazy who is staying with me but she has been awesome. Hopefully I'll be able to get some honest sleep tonight and not some hourly intervals. I think I was even drivng the dogs crazy too. I couldn't even read to past the time. Now I can read for short periods and look at screens even longer so I have about 3 episodes of Project Runway to catch up if insomnia continues. I also have the new book by my favorite author, Namoi Novik, that I started when waiting at the surgery center yesterday.

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I really hope karma swings my way real soon. For the past two weeks I've been helping out a friend whose family really shitsvilled her and from herself. Her family wasn't helping at all in many ways, mainly such as money for her to get by and around to APPLY for a job. She needs a job to go to school this fall, she has to pay, in order to keep her health insurance under her dad. I've been saving her ass from herself in dragging her butt to the joblink at the college and helping her change some of the wording in her applications. Once we've hit the apply in store locations tomorrow we will have applied at thirty stores in the past week, literally. We have ten places we have to apply tomorrow and then she heads home. She's stuck riding bus because her dad has her car, he promised to fixed the breaks (they gave out) over a year and a half ago. She's been at my place for the past week. I have about $200 until payday friday, but I am not sure what exactly this paycheck will be. I'm just hoping past $400 because I still have $320 bills to pay before months end.
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Okay about... 6 hours ago my friend posted this to his facebook status: "

"waking up covered in blood and not being able to find the sourse is a bit disturbing. Time to do laundry."

Said friend is military, lamed up on leave due to a motorcycle accident a week ago.

2 hours ago he posted this:

"Well...I feel foolish. Turns out the blood that I freaked out about wasn't blood. One of my cats got ahold one of those kool-aid packets that go into a bottle of water. Tropical Punch. Lets recount shall we? Red Kool-aid packet scattered all over my bed + Me sweating in my sleep = early morning freak out. Not my greatest moment (-_-); I think its time to cleant up a little bit."

Yes, we are teasing him horribly.
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The evening started normally enough, all things considered. My friend Josh was coming into town for the night but due to people being idiots when its been a really long time between down pours there was a seven car accident on the interstate just inside city lines. He was literally in a parking lot. So an hour later he was able to get off said parking lot and get to the military hotel next to the base. I meet up with him and my friend Ghazal. I for some reason ended up driving as we went in search of Sushi. Josh was dead set on going to his fav location downtown. Thankfully no rain as we eventually found the place and parking. Josh put two fives into the money box for the parking and we walked toward the foods.

It was fun, and we somehow nearly pasted two hours just siting, talking, and eating sushi. The place we went to was Sushi Zushi, its come LONG way from when I first went to a location years ago. I enjoyed it thourghly. We goofed around, confused our waiter when he brought the checks because Ghazal and I had switched seats, and I was more relaxed than I had been in three weeks.

Now comes my  near panic attack. When we returned to the parking lot Josh let out the infamous words, "Why is there a sticker on your window?" My rental had not just one boot but TWO, and said I had to pay $100 fine plus taxes and charges on the sticker. Thank the heaves Josh was there and he slipped into his do not mess with me mode and called the number on said sticker. Once he said he was law enforcement the guy showed up in five minutes. 


Long story short, my boots were taken off. Josh is military police, the guy was ex-military, so the guy believed Josh when he said he paid, which he did. Apparently Josh wasn't agressive enough in putting the fives in and someone managed to get them out. I then remember
something my mom once told me long ago before I was near driving age, shove the money in with your key.

I was still a nervous wreck from my near panic attack for about 15 minutes, but near constant talk on the drive to base clamed me considerably. It was also a good thing I had an idea on what to do when going onto bad. I had Ghazal pull my ID out of my purse and hers so we could get through smoothly. We went to the store on base and I got little minitature bottles, like 3oz, of top shelf Vodka and Rum for about $2 each. I don't drink much to begin with and the bottles look like the normal ones but tiny and they so cute! Ghazal likes Pina Coladas so she got a regular bottle of Coconut Rum to take home. I was back into really good mood thankfully and Ghazal and I were just waltzing down the isles while Josh talked to another (off duty) secutiry dude. I'm sure we were catching the eyes of a few military boys getting booze with how Ghazal and I were behaving. Not wild but... goofy, lol.

Josh is on his way back to Houston right about now, 5 hours on the road await him. I wish he could have stayed another night... It was good to see him again.

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Seriously, I am getting really, really close to being pissed off.

I was annoyed when the school dropped extra paper work and expenses on me.

I was aggravated by the asshole vet tech I seem to get stuck with everything I call my vet and the idiots that work with my doctor. If the vet or the doctor weren't so go I wouldn't be going there any more. But the fact remains, my dog's meds are getting here late, I had to pay extra shipping on that already too. The fact remains that its been over 48 hours since I called my doctor's office and forced to leave a message with the nurse and explained what is going on and still have not received a call back.

The fact reminds that I am having trouble finding items I need for this two week run of a trip. I am not staying in one location, we are going to five cities. I need pain killers, midol, pepto, and such meds in case they are needed because we're hardly going to be at the hotel to begin with. Carrying 3 or 4 bottles ontop of prescription bottles in my purse isn't possible. I can't just the pills with me, they need to be in their offical packaging be it a packet or a bottle or they will get confiscated.

I do not have all day free, my morning is spent at the school and my afternoons running around and trying to get people to do their jobs apparently. I still need that letter and pick up another one from a different doctor. I still need to take Yoko and Lucky to the vet and get their kennel cough vaccine updated. I still need to finish preping that stupid letter for my uncle on my fall tuition. I still need to buy both Yoko and Lucky to weeks worth of food and start packing their stuff (meaning washing toys and beds). I still need to find items to save room in my suitcase in travel size amounts. I still need to get my pants from the tailor. I still need check out other travel insurances. I still need get a pest company to inspect the house and get a quote this week before my cousin and I call my uncle and inform him of the situation. I still need to pay my cell bill and car payment and if the water bill comes in this week that too.

All this week I have hardly been home between 8 or 9am to 9pm or later. I have purchased a lot of things I need, I have one letter from my dentist on a prep he had me on, I have the care outline for Lucky done and ready. I have not be able to study nor read any of the travel info other than customs on my trip. I am relying solely on my experience in traveling for long haul by my trip to Italy in 2003 and my trip to Japan in 2005.

So when I talk to a friend and he ask what's up. I tell him the truth. Said friend decides to say "You don't need that", I say bullshit. As far as I know, he's never been on a short haul flight, let a lone a 16 hour fly with a few hours layover in the middle of it. Let alone traveling somewhere that wasn't a family's place without his parents for more than a few days, let alone two weeks.

I'm crank. I need to rant. I'm bitchy because mainly the stupid people in my class who are arrogant and won't shut the hell up when I ask the teacher a question and interupt with "I'll tell you after class", I ask the teacher not them. I'm bitchy because of the stupid vet tech who has to give me attitude for some damn reason either in person or on the phone. I'm bitchy because of the stupid nurses at my doctor's office.

I had enough to do without these stupid termites, people, and my uncle on top of everything. I've already yell at my friend and while I feel sorry I feel justified too. He's a guy, he knows jack about having to carry a damn purse on your shoulder.
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My current life schedule is getting annoying. First being trapped at my grandmother's without net for a week was enough to drive my crazy to an extent. My cell suppose to get net but the signal for anything in my grandmother's house is totally messed and so even that was not an option. I usually talk to [ profile] autobotmosquito  daily via AIM, but we haven't really spoken but a few sentences for almost two weeks. My real life friends sudden... life complications don't do well to easing my distress. I feel cut off, and its driving me nuts. I've been back with the net for three days and I still feel cut off and detatched... its bizzare. Argh. Its extremely hard to discribe. I'm not... angry with my real life friends, just... frustrated. I hate feeling isolated; I went through that so much already, during the three year period from when my mother pasted away, moving away, and eventually moving back. Granted and I acknowledge that was me who was doing the distanting, although I hardly realized it at the time, I did feel it.

I suppose with the upheavel of everything and the fact my 'adoptive' family several thousand miles away and unable to really be part the solution of the conflict I'm currently in doesn't help. I'm feeling an odd mixture of feelings, I'm so close to so many friends but not able to really spend time quality time as much as I'd like with break coming to an end...

I am ironically very glad work started this week, even if it cut into possible time with my friend Mei Mei visiting from Indiana, because of the kids. Even though I have to deal with little things with them everyday, they make me happy. Today was just hillarious. It was finally warm enough and dry enough for them to play on their main playground. It was cold and foggy yesterday, so they couldn't play outside. But it was perfect today, cool and nice with light jackets or long sleeves. But what made it special was the big tree in the yard had dropped its leaves, everywhere. We herded the kids into making a pile which we raked high and you can imagion the outcome. It was priceless. My co-worker was able to get the digital camera from our boss and we took at least two dozen photos, and I hope to be able to get copies and scrapbook them along with others from the year. My kids are truely the best grade in so many ways, and I am proud of them (although I doubt they know how much). They were extra good as a whole today, in more ways than normal. Still needing some getting after but I didn't have to reinforce the rules anywhere near what I though I'd need to, they remembered even since yesterday.
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Its almost Christmas day, and I'm just now about to sleep. I'm at a friends house, spending the night. Tomorrow at a reasonable time we'll open presents, including the ones that were shipped to me. I haven't open the packages since I don't know who really sent them and if they were gift wrapped.


Dec. 23rd, 2008 11:01 pm
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My dear friend, she's going through so much right now on a personal level and there isn't much I can do. It was only by accident I found out the real source of what has her so upset, and there isn't anything I can do. At least she knows now I'm not going to be one to judge her. Not now, not ever. What she is going through is deeply private, hence why I am not uttering what it is or could be, and I wish I could easy her pain and worry. If only I had my own place, I would be sure she knew that if she needed to escape, for a night, a week, or a month, whatever it may be she had a place just to get away and her family wouldn't question so she could deal in her way. But with the looming visit of my landlord coming sometime in the next month I didn't dare. I would not subject her to that scrooge of a woman. My landlord already has a history of attacking me verbally infront of my friends instead of putting the blame where it solely belongs, her daughter. She did this before I had live journal I think.
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I feel like I'm back in California even though I talk to my friends more often than when I was stuck over there. And that I just hung out with one yestrday for half the day... I'm just feeling so cute off and isolated, my phone my only link to them and even then I'm not able to get a hold of them that often.

I got a lot done house chore wise, but I didn't do any homework. I just wanted to relax while I could, but I could hear this hum that is hard to explain all day. I first heard it when I woke up to a horrible cramp in my leg, it was so loud. I tracked down to my housemate's room, loud and clear over her fan. This was at 4:30am. I waited until 5:30 before calling the Aunt, I just couldn't take it anymore, it was so strong. Lets just say someone wasn't happy. She left the house before 7am, and hasn't returned as I write this.

I got my laundry and cleaning of the house done and just tried to relax, but that was hard to do with the hum. My housemate turned things off, but I'm not sure if she turned everything off, or if its coming from her room. I think I can hear it in the backyard, but I can't tell from where, but also her room is in the back of the house with most of the windows to the backyard. So while I had the day to relax, I couldn't completely. And since I can't go into her room, I can't try to find the noise. Can I deal with this noise another week before her aunt comes?`
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Well I woke up just after 8 today, without chills or sweats. I drove to school a little late to go to the tutoring math lab to work on my homeowork. Dear god my brain is all over the places. I was miss writting the problems onto paper! I was taking the first half the the equation from one and the second half to from another! oi oi oi. I now know who I won't even consider taking college algebra from. Eck.  I also forgot my test corrections! They can raise my grade at the end of the semester by a point if I do them. Oi.... I'll have to troll on them tomorrow and hope I can figure them out with my book. By the time I got done with my homework and realised I left my graded test at home there wasn't enough time to drive home and back.

So I went home, getting gas and picking up a book I'll need for a lesson this coming week at work, and took care of my dogs. I also had forgotten to turn the AC on. I've been turing it off about a half hour after sunset because its getting into the low 60s at night, and I don't want the house to be too cold, considering my room is okay on maintaining temp. After taking care of my dogs I went and picked up my friend Patrick and we had lunch at the Cheesecake factory. After that we walked around the mall and then I got my hair cut a bit.

That was... odd. The guy who was assigned to wash my hair for the sylist has a hair fetish... I think... o.o. It was... bizzare. He was like.. massaging my hair, not my scalp. He washed it with Shampoo twice, taking over ten minutes! Then he took several more minutes putting conditioner in my hair! o.O So after this... awkwardness it was still odd, the sytlist was like some what agressive. Pulling the comb so strongly she was grating my scalp! I'm not sure I like the cut... I'm trying to grow it out, even though I like it really short... we'll just have to wait and see.

So afterwards we head back to Patrick's house, him mom having made dinner.  Steak, I could barely eat a third of it. We talked, then headed out again to the half price bookstore. I bought two books, even though I have no idea when i'll ever be able to read them. But the thing with Haf Price is that if you see a title you think looks good grab it, they don't keep stock like regular bookstores, only what people sell them.

After this we went and see Eagle Eye staring Shia. It was great, with only a few very very minor low points. Micheal Bay is no longer the boom king, lol. I don't know if he ever was... but wow. Shia did really good in this one. Its amazing to watch how his talent has grown from Transformers to Indy 4 and to this.

Inside is a hint to the plot, if you can answer the question. )
I am so tired. My eyes want to close and my vision wants to blur.


Aug. 5th, 2008 05:28 pm
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Well I went to SAC and again and was guest on my friend's djing at KSYM. I mainly did the weather and played along with his comments, we started to sound like a normal show, lol. It was blistering hot today, reaching 102 degrees before clouds rolled in. I was walking in that harsh temp, oi.  It was fun though, so I'm thinking about going again next friday.

After that Patrick thankfully gave me a ride home again, it would have been awful to walk to the bus stop and having to wait, I would have been outside nearly an hour before I'd be able to get on the bus.

Once I got home I cooled off before heading to Half Price Books to look for a few books, none were there. Then I headed to Borders with a 40% off coupon to get a new Japanese-English Dictionary; The one I have is mostly English-Japanese. Then I went to the store, buying mostly ingredients (which is something new). I came home, mixed up a cake, put it in the oven then tried to make a caprese salad... it wasn't close to what I've had at restaurants, even if the ingredients are simple. So now I'm waiting for the timer to go off so I can take the cake out and let it cook. I haven't had homemade cake (even if its mostly from a box) in well over a year, this will be the first one I've made since I had moved. 

Tomorrow I'll start a cookathon, cooking several kinds of meals while I have the house to myself.

It is a good day, but I'm tired and in a mood because my period started in the middle of the day, blah.
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I actually woke up before my alarm today (YES!) thanks to Yoko who had to go outside for business and a Starbucks Frapuccino from the fridge. The key will to have a repeat tomorrow. I spent the morning fighting to stay away, check e-mail, and be a normal lazy college student, with the exception of not being asleep. 

So eventually I got ready, took care of the dogs, locked up, and went to the bus stop at the end of street. Why is this mentionable? My bus was actually on time! And my bus arrive at just the right moment for me to hop on another bus heading toward school instead of the normal 15 minute walk from my stop. It was already over 90 degrees so I got on the bus instead of getting exercise, lol. My city's bus system may be pathetic, but they are smart enough not to skimp on the Air Conditioning! Even with a full bus its usual very cool (that can't be said for other people's body odor sometimes).

Anyways, I get to campus and get in line at the admissions and records line to get my class schedule. What I find really messed up is when you walk in there is "Information Center" on the sign pointing down the hall but you can't find it... like it disappears after that, maybe its like Platform 9 and 3/4 and you got to know what wall to walk through to find it. So I get my class schedule, and head to the bookstore. They change the layout some what again... oi. With a few minutes being ignored I found the only book I need, my history book, and checked out. I had originally thought the time from arriving on campus to getting the book would take an extra half hour... it didn't and I walked to the campus radio station, KSYM 90.1, to meet up with my friend Patrick. 

So I walk in and at first I thought there was a mistake, it looked empty. I hesitantly go into the office and then I see him through the studio door. I knock, having no clue but assuming I'm not allowed into the studio but he brings me in and I sit down. After a few times he goes on the air he comes up with the idea of me being a 'guest' from high school and putting me on the air. Its a while before he goes on again, and we're talking and I was going through bands. KSYM only plays Alternative music, so I start to list off artist I could remember (which is a miracle) and hit one that is. He goes to the library and pulls out the disks of Muse. I selected Knight of Cynodia, which I missed pronounced, on the air because I had no idea how to say it >.< Patrick found it funny and made a nice joke of it (glad to be of service :p ). So we're talking and he comes up with the idea  again, he has to broadcast the current weather conditions before the end of his time on the air waves and drafts me into. I was to give the current and projected temps, so I said, "Hello again, its currently 97 at the KSYM studio with a projected high of 99." We bantered slightly on that and when he introduced the next song by a japanese artist. 

Afterwards we went out for lunch and hung out before he drove me home considering I had taken the bus and we weren't anywhere near my route in the end of things. So it was an interesting and fun day, I'm thinking about going down to campus again but earlier to hang out with Patrick, even if I don't go on air again. The question if I wake up early and can get my butt in gear to get to campus, lol.

I went to the wash house, finally washed my blankets and jackets and that chore is over. So in all, I say a good day. At the moment Mika is being...

Odd )

... Yoko is doing her best to ignore her and nap...
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I went to go see Mummy 3 with my friend Jospeh. The drive to get him usually takes over an hour, but today it only took me exactly 45 minutes. On the way back to the city to head to the nearest theater we talked, and he left a boomshell of sorts drop when I asked him what classes he'll be taking this term. He's not going to go, he's going to get a job. Lythe isn't going to be there because of her boyfriend situation and needing to work. Ghazal is going to UTSA, taking 5 classes, and working part time. Patrick will be going to Austin for UT. Richard is the only one I might have a chance running into, a slim one at that. 

The movie was great. Movie felt like it hadn't been 7 years since the last one, or 10 since the first; it felt perfect in transition, even though it was done by a different director, had a new actress playing an established character, and the movie takes place twenty years after the last one.

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Well, I'm in a mixed mood. My housemate was gone ALL day yestrday, I found out, and I couldn't savor it. She left around 9am, and I left around 10am. She left her dog in the garage with NO water. I didn't give him any, I didn't except her to be gone more than two or three hours at most. A friend of Ghazal was able to get his family truck for the move and instead of both brothers Ghazal's older brother, her uncle, and her dad showed up. They only stayed for a few hours to move the heaviest stuff and we labored on for another 5 hours on our own, just me, Ghazal, my friend Richard, her friend, and her older brother. At the point of collapse at 6pm we all went home and showered. Ghazal offered to treat us to dinner at Jonny Carinoes and we met up at 7:30 for the meal. It was a little tense because of her brother, he's... odd. I won't go into detail, but it was still good and fun. 

So when I first came home just after 6pm I discovered her dog still in the garage with no water. I let my dogs out then showered. I brought them all in but I didn't give the dog, water, she can feel guilty for being negelctful for all I care. I headed back out and returned just after nine. She still had not returned. I fed my dogs and was in bed a little after 10pm. She returned I think after a 11pm, and thankfully didn't make too much noisy and I nodded off to sleep. I do know from the lights shown in my window she was dropped off. Her pantry and her side of the fridge are pretty much bare, so she's starving. Too bad, so sad, she needs to get off her butt and get a job.

I am so tired and sore. My calfs hurt the worse from going up and down those stairs from the ground to the third floor in 95 degree weather. One chore I did was clip Lucky's toe nails, the big baby. I'll do laundry and maybe get around to putting my Hogwarts Crest plaque up today. I'm taking it easy, oi.

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Well, my housemate did the dishes, and true to form only because there weren't any clean ones. She didn't clean anything else and the counters are a hidden mess, meaning you don't see the resdue of stuff unless light is on it. Its gross and I'll wipe it down tomorrow. I already wiped down the stove stop that was covered in grease yestrday, ew.

I spent the day hanging out with my friend Patrick, well sorta. More like he tagged along while I ran errons and we had a very late lunch together at Cracker Barrel. We first went to Costco so I could get my monthly supply of dog food and a few other things then headed to Borders for me to return the Audio Book. I'll get it cheaper at amazon anyways when I am able to get around to buying it.

A few hours after being home I get a call from my friend Ghazal. I knew she was going to be moving, she just never told me about when it would be happening... its happening tomorrow. So I'll go over and help her and I got my friend Richard in if there is still work to be done after 1pm when he's free. Her two brothers and uncle will be there too. But its going to be a long day. Her little brother bitched and whined because she was on the thrid floor and the couch was a nightmare to move. Its gonna be like that again, just the way down. 
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I had a call from a friend who I haven't really had a chance to talk to in a long time. We didn't get to a down to earth talk on what's happened over the last three years since we last saw each other, he was mainly in need of a good vent. But that was okay, we all need it sometimes. It was just good to hear his voice. He's going to school at a university in North Texas, don't remember which, I'm horrible with names. But he's pretty much the only asian in his circle, surrounded by whites. The girls who come onto him mainly want to 'experiment' he says. Its driving his self esteem low because of what he considers his best friend is always getting hit on, and the girls who talk to him always talk about his best friend. 

I know what he's going through, I've gone through the same thing with my friend with Ghazal. My friend as only known his best friend of a year or two at most I think, I've known Ghazal for well over five. We both have a lot of acciatences, some distant school friends, but no current friends who we can hang around with all the time but our 'best friends' but there is conflict. 

This friend who I talked to last night I've known since my freshmen year of High School, thats how far back it goes. I didn't meet Ghazal till my Junior year. But its just... I don't know, amazing at the same time makes me sad. Will I ever actually meet him and see him face to face again? We tried once when I was living in North Texas, about a 100 miles south of him, but didn't work out, we both got lost and couldn't find the meet up point. 
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Woot! It was damn hard on my sleep schedule but we saw The Dark Knight last night. It was awesome, nothing more to be said. My night leading up to the movie, an interesting moment thanks to one of my friends, and the ride home is behind the cut below. Its not much of spoilers in it but I didn't want to upset anyone by chance.

On another note I finally got around to reading and finishing Victory of Eagles by Naomi Novik, book four in the Temeraire series. The book came out on the 9th, and I hadn't been able to touch it at all till yesterday when I helped my friend Ghazal take a ton of laundry to the wash house and sat around reading for nearly two hours and then when I got home read about four more hours. I had only a few dozen pages left last night when I left to go pick up my friends for the movie. I finished it not too long ago and was very pleased and so eager for more. 

So while I could possibly having to deal with the landlord sometime this coming week, behind in my schedule on going through my stuff, and what not I'm in a good mood right now.

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I want to smash my friend's brains out. ArGH! I asked him so many times, if he was SURE he could go, damn it. I bought IMAX tickets to see The Dark Knight for my friends, who will be paying me, in advance because they were selling out since early this week when it doesn't even come out till later today. Well now one says he can't go because of this 'death is coming' sensation. Good grief. So now I'm scrambling, texting my very limited supply of friends who actually live near me to see if they want to go. OI. I have less than 24 hours before we'd have to arrive to stand in line to get good seats in the massive theater. He is going to pay me still, just in case I can't find anyone to go, since I may not get my money back. Oi. 

I'm going to bed, I need to cuddle my living teddy bear. Because its like a freaking fate. If one folds, then they all fold one by one when I am able to put an idea together for us all to do something.
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Well, I'm in deep shit. My friend Lythe is sick, majorly. So I'm on my own from here on out until she's well again. I'm gonna drag the boxes in the front room meant for my room, they're too heavy to carry. But I have to make room under my bed, the boxes under there already need to be shifted around. Plus there is my bike... I got that in the front room because I've been planning on getting back to riding, but with my stomache things haven't gone as plan at all. 

Yoko and Lucky are doing okay, appart from being locked in my room, with or without me, as usual. It looks like I'm back to my three week plan of cleaning and sorting as far as my room is concerned, landlord be damned.
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LOL, I just got off the phone with my little sister. (Not really but I'm pretty much am a sister to her). She so CUTE. She's 8 years old and was asking me about DRAGONS!!! I'm like, where did this come from?

XD I love dragons.

Literally, her first question was, "Do you think Dragons are real?" I told her yes, maybe sometime in the past there were dragons. Because almost every culture from different parts of the world have stories of them even though these people at the time didn't know about each other. So maybe they did exist, we just haven't found proof of it yet. I want that imagination to stay alive, you know? 

So I got to talk to her for about ten minutes, I'm so happy. Usually she isn't very talkative on the phone.

A good way to end a dull weekend.


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