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I made mashed potatoes (you'll never see me eat the crap from a box), green peas, wild rice, and chicken fried chicken. I got the chicken from the store, its a pre-made pack I just heat up for about 20 minutes in the oven and the wild rice came in a box took, just boil, yada yada. But still, it was a whole meal I made on my own! It feels good to cook again, but trying to get used to the kitchen is hard. Nearly made myself dizzy because I was literally spinning in circles.

Also, the work is finally done in the house!!! I am having hell cleaning the mess and dust but its finally over. They guys doing the work were great but I couldn't study and I had to stay home instead of going to school on Tues or Thurs to see teachers or take tests. -sighs-
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So I go to Best Buy to buy a new TV antenna, long story short, it don't work. WTF is with the digital signal. Seriously, I could get certain stations, even with the converter box for stations that had gone digital, but when the date rolled around this June, nada. I couldn't get the stations I could get before, even those that had already gone digital. -sighs- So I'm taking that back, plus the stupid cord they said I needed but there was one already in the box. Thank you, I get $90 back. I'll be leaving in an hour or so. And that's not all, I went to the store and forgot one of the things that was a main reason I went. ARGH!!! And I'm still in trouble on my paper, I'm going to have to wing it with no sourcing and go by sole memory. If my teacher tries to chew me out... oh well, its only a freaking ruff draft that she wants turned in anyways! I'll go to school Monday to try and find a book that has what I'm looking for.


Jan. 26th, 2009 09:43 pm
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I'm really spamming my friend's list, aren't I?

Well, I simply must share. Poptarts have been something I've forced myself to eat, but now I've found one that taste really good to me and I feel I could snack on from time to time. Its Hot Fudge Sundae. It really is good. Its like vanilla and white chocolate in a cookie.
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Have you ever had such weird craving your friends and those who you consider family joke, "Are you sure you're not pregnant?"

My weird cravings aren't from one end of the spectrum to the other but where I get stuck either craving to eat a certain food for days, to weeks on end or just eating something I previously hated.

Latest one, Guacamole. I had bad guacamole for my first experience as a kid, and I couldn't touch the stuff. But as I started eating sushi like a california rolls and philadelphia rolls I starts tasting the avocado. And a few months ago I tried guacamole at a expensive and well rated restaurant in New Mexico, and fell in love. And now what I am eating? Guacamole, with a few things missing and a few things added. THAT'S IT. Nothing else... 


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At least for me anyways. I have to have a lot of stuff added into anything I have with egg (not including when its in a recipe : cake example) to be able to eat it. I just do not like egg. And I just discovered that sausage, onion, cheese, and sour cream isn't enough. I know that all of that plus green bell pepper and I'm in heaven.... but I'm out of a green bell pepper and tried it. Oh it smelled good but when I put it in my mouth... yuck. >.< Damn waste of of food. So far I've only found 2 foods that is primarily egg that I really like. Breakfast Taco with all of the above and a omelet roll I had tried at a sushi restaurant in Houston. I'll occasionally (rarely really) eat an omelet that IHOP has thats called the Colorado Omelet that has everything above minus sour cream (I ask for it and get it on the side) and minus the salsa it comes with. But dang, my taste buds just hate healthy, as my friends know.  >:/ I try but yeck. I'm getting better, experimenting, I have come up with a really good soup that has a lot of broccoli. It has a cheesy taste so I can stand the broccoli. Its ingredients are Campbelle's cream of chicken, milk, sour cream,  parmesan cheese, and of course broccoli, I haven't figured out the increments, I was experimenting after all. But I think I'll post it when I do, it was damn good and super easy too.


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