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Well... talk about 'wow', my housemate 'tried' to do the dishes two times in a row... (first time since December she's even done a load at all) failing pretty bad as far as putting things where they are suppose to go...  Example, she put a can opener in the dish washer.  A can opener!!!! o.O  Can you imagine opening the dishwasher and pulling out the top rack and there is was point and center? 

And I missed my bus this morning cleaning up the backyard. My house-mate apparently was too lazy to take out the trash on her day on Friday, so I yapped at her cause its her only chore she'll do in the kitchen regularly (usually always). Well she took out the trash finally Sunday, so I thought. NOPE, she put it in a trash can in the backyard and left it there. Did she tell me? KNOW. And Tuesday when I took out the trash on my day I didn't even look in any of the other trash cans because one was missing and therefore I knew there was one in the alley. I didn't look into the trash can, just opened the gate, tossed the bag in, shut and locked. So I called my landlord, spitting mad. Thankfully I take a bus earlier than I need to really to get to school, just in case something unusual happens. Thank god for that habit. I also brought up her house key and how I don't think its working because she still comes in from the garage sometimes and she doesn't lock the front door all the way.

Okay, back to finals, we got the low down for my Japanese Final today. It has ten sections!!!  Scary... the outline on what will be covered took 3 notebook pages. I'll be going to UTSA tonight to study and to get out of the house because I know someone is going to be pissy, ::points at previous paragraph:: So I'm wondering how the kids will be today at work and if anything else is going to happen. I probably just jinxed myself.
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Yep, I had a math test today and had NO clue about it till the teacher came in. Opps. e.e She has this mixed look of oh dear, not happy, and disbelief when I said it. Doesn't help I'm right in front of her desk. I think I did okay, 2 or 3 problems I'm not too sure about so I won't get an A but I feel like I will make a B. Then again I felt like that on my Japanese test last week and I failed... >.> I can't believe finals are next week. Next week!!! It seems so unreal. Monday is my Japanese, though I have the option of taking during another class of the same on Wednesday. But my Math Final is Thursday, so if I take my Japanese and get it out of the way Monday I have Tues and Wed to study for Math. Decision, decisions. I have to weigh the pro and cons.
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Holy C***!!! My English final is in one hour and its just *now* hitting me. Sure I've studied... somewhat. x.x EI!!! Its not like I could spend all my time studying that one subject, I do have another final today as well in HISTORY!

Shoot me please.

::holds out toy gun:: <----(What you think I was serious? o.O)

Thankfully my math final isn't until Wednesday, I've hardly touched the review, but I've done very well in that class. As long as I finish half of the math review tonight and finish tomorrow I'll be okay. I've got a study partner to compare answers with to be sure I'm getting them right. Plus there "should" be a key on my teacher's web-page. But DANG IT! X.X

If my final is an hour and you're wondering why I'm typing this simple, I'm trying to WAKE UP!!!!



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