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And the day goes by. Not really anything to do. Family all moopy, grandma died two years ago today and there have been a slew of funerals the past few months. Friends are either working or have plans with their family.

I'm finally getting over the fuzzy brain and drain of the jetlag, now its just getting my internal clock back on US time and not Japan's. I need to stay up at least another 5 hours before I can crash to bed to get a start on it, I've been a night owl if I've been awake at all the past few days. My poor dogs, all I've been doing is sleeping and been up only to feed, med, or let them outside for a short while. I need to write bills and send them out in the mail Monday, I've delayed it too long. I've at least gone through the mail and got them piled, I just have to get the checkbook out.

I'm running out of stuff to read, I'm reading fics form anywhere between the second to ninth time depending on which stories.I can't even write drabbles, idea come but in a fuzzy haze that has no base to write them in. I'm still so fuzzy on the details of stuff on TF2 I don't even get ideas from that new source...  I'm just dead in the water with no wind in my sail, drifting with nothing in sight.

The only slightly productive thing I've done is uploaded pictures to facebook and befriend half the people I want to befriend and tagged them in those photos. I'm still missing 5 people, I can't seem to read the emails they wrote in my travel book right or I'm still waiting for them to approve my friend request. I think once I've gone through all the pictures and deleted the last scraps I'll have about 1,500 pictures. I've only uploaded 43 to facebook and might put up a few more. I'll put about 200-300 or so in my online travel scrapbook over the coming month or so.

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Those people at my doctor's office better not give me shit today. My period started yesterday evening and I'm already moody a day early and in pain. I have so much to do today, my Uncle will be staying for almost a week while I'm gone and with a guest, so I have even more cleaning and organizing to do. I am very, very, grumpy.

oh my head

Apr. 23rd, 2009 10:22 pm
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Gah, I hope something comes of my doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'm sick of being sore and achy in one form or another. Finals are in two weeks I would like to be able to study without a muffled brain, thank you very much.

And every time I see target I have to restrain myself from going in. 1) I'm looking for a larger purse that is casual but me for Japan, lord knows I'm gonna be carrying plenty and I would like NOT to have to carry my backpack. 2) I want to get a look at TFA Shockwave and see if he looks as good in person as online and if he does... oi I want him! Then I could get TFA Bee. Shock and Megs can have Decepticon nights while the Autos have their family parties, lol.


I'm seeing even more Dogde charger police cars and unable to photograph them. I saw a BLACK tow truck with a nice foot long metal Decepticon Logo on its side. My god, why can't I see these things at a red light? It ain't fair!

And the only Feista event I've been able to attend or even see was the Teen Queen Corination last Sunday because my little cousin so many times removed carried the train for one of the Princess's. And [ profile] vejiraziel my friend I had to fight from giggling like hell and you popped into my brain. How so? Well the teen princess my little cousin so many times removed name is Jazz. YEP, JAZZ. No joke, its her name. And she was the prettist of the 'royalty' on that stage. But what is more, her train was of music notes, it was so pretty. Oh Irony. I had Transformers on the brain bad after that. I really wished the Color Guard assigned to the whole thing wasn't to gangly teens. I couldn't help but picture the captain of the Black Watch team from my school as Prowl's counter part. He was like Prowl in a lot of ways but from an inpersonal way, I didn't know the guy directly but he was a man of honor I fould out last year.
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My Uncle is on his way. Oi. Thankfully I shouldn't have to deal with him beyond 30 hours (I think). -sighs- I just realized something really bad... I don't know if any of my black pants fit since I lost weight and which ones have been altered (I hate having short legs...) Whoops. My Uncle wants me to go to church with him tomorrow, that is a given... BUT, we're suppose to have some pretty bad weather and I hope it is bad. I hate going to church, especially with family, argh. Plus we need the rain, we hit stage one drought restrictions yesterday. The only reason we didn't earlier was a mild summer before and okay winter, plus two years ago it almost rained every day for 8 months straight which is like... insane for this area. It filled the aquafier to much springs that hadn't sprouted water in nearly 100 years were flowing for a while.

I seriously just want to stay in my area of the house and not come out. I have enough Japanese I need to study anyways. Pooh. Also bummer my best friend's birthday is today but due to work and her family I can't even see her, much less give her a gift. Argh.
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My Uncle might be coming in today. He told my cusion late tonight, but I wouldn't put it past him to not tell her he's, for once, leaving early. So my laptop is gonna be locked up in the filing cabinet when I'm not home and physically on it.

I don't trust the jerk, plan and simply, to respect my privacy.
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Between him constantly doing the impossible with the med collar on and pushing his badages off and him banging into thing on purpose I'm going up the wall! I've spent over $30 on rolls of bandages already!!! x.x If he keeps the rate up to where he makes them unsuable as he has I'll be needing to go buy more before the weekend is over if that stupid hematoma doesn't go away.

Why does my Uncle have to come NOW? Can't he give me a damn month to get settled?!
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I sure as hell am now if my body has anything to say about it. -sighs.

If my second cousin who acts like a go-between me and my Uncle doesn't even listen and at least GET why I want to go on this trip now, I don't know what I'm gonna do. I found out today that any students who join the tour from the University will be paying almost $2,000 more than any student at my community college.

If I have to I'll see if my friend who goes to it can track down a flyer that is surely around there with the price tag posted.

I know this is my one chance. They usually do they these trips every other year if at all. The larger departments, like the french and especially spanish do a trip every year for one its cheaper and have much larger student numbers. The english department and  other departments go on different trips every year too, but designed to their departments areas. There is no way I can afford to go once I go to the university, their fees alone will be in the thousand dollar rang where my college is in the hundreds.

So anyways, with the help of the co-owner I've loaded up 5 plastic containers from my closet into my car. Tomorrow I'll go to school for tutoring and finish my test, then go to grandmother's house to unload and meet up with my cousin at 10am. I'll take the updated packet my teacher gave me to her and try to explain it. Hopefully she'll hear what I'm saying and get it.

Another thing I need to do it go to the post office with her and get mail going to my grandmother's house again, because I need to put my grandmother's address onto the application and I have to registure and put money down tomorrow night or I'll miss out. Not that I'm telling her that, my other reason is I need to start forwarding mail soon and doing address changes, SOON.
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LOL, I just got off the phone with my little sister. (Not really but I'm pretty much am a sister to her). She so CUTE. She's 8 years old and was asking me about DRAGONS!!! I'm like, where did this come from?

XD I love dragons.

Literally, her first question was, "Do you think Dragons are real?" I told her yes, maybe sometime in the past there were dragons. Because almost every culture from different parts of the world have stories of them even though these people at the time didn't know about each other. So maybe they did exist, we just haven't found proof of it yet. I want that imagination to stay alive, you know? 

So I got to talk to her for about ten minutes, I'm so happy. Usually she isn't very talkative on the phone.

A good way to end a dull weekend.


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