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And the day goes by. Not really anything to do. Family all moopy, grandma died two years ago today and there have been a slew of funerals the past few months. Friends are either working or have plans with their family.

I'm finally getting over the fuzzy brain and drain of the jetlag, now its just getting my internal clock back on US time and not Japan's. I need to stay up at least another 5 hours before I can crash to bed to get a start on it, I've been a night owl if I've been awake at all the past few days. My poor dogs, all I've been doing is sleeping and been up only to feed, med, or let them outside for a short while. I need to write bills and send them out in the mail Monday, I've delayed it too long. I've at least gone through the mail and got them piled, I just have to get the checkbook out.

I'm running out of stuff to read, I'm reading fics form anywhere between the second to ninth time depending on which stories.I can't even write drabbles, idea come but in a fuzzy haze that has no base to write them in. I'm still so fuzzy on the details of stuff on TF2 I don't even get ideas from that new source...  I'm just dead in the water with no wind in my sail, drifting with nothing in sight.

The only slightly productive thing I've done is uploaded pictures to facebook and befriend half the people I want to befriend and tagged them in those photos. I'm still missing 5 people, I can't seem to read the emails they wrote in my travel book right or I'm still waiting for them to approve my friend request. I think once I've gone through all the pictures and deleted the last scraps I'll have about 1,500 pictures. I've only uploaded 43 to facebook and might put up a few more. I'll put about 200-300 or so in my online travel scrapbook over the coming month or so.

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Well this just bites, talk about my house-mate eating out of the palm of my landlords hand. We're in red apparently on a lot of bills, possibly to be cut off if they aren't paid soon, and my landlord will not pressure my house-mate to get a job. Lovely. She's sick of people blaming her daughter. Well hello, don't you think that all these different people actually have a point?

I just had to pay to keep the internet and tv, which I don't think my house-mate deserves, but I do need to keep it from being disconnected. Since my landlord has forgotten to call me during the past year for most of the utilities due I don't have too much a problem with it. My rent will also be raised to $400 a month, but I won't be paying utilities. And another weight is off my shoulders, my landlord is not in town, she couldn't afford to come, yahoo. My only real worry money wise now is something horrible and drastically wrong happens and we're cut off on our utilities and eventually a problem with the house. My landlord doesn't need to even say anything, I know how the real world is right now, even if she doesn't tell her daughter anything, as she admitted to me, and my house-mate is her own la la land. $400 is still a great deal, so I'll put up with it.

Even though I know its just my house-mate being lazy, manipulative, and a bitch to her mother. I'm starting to not care, as long as when she looses the house, as it will most uncertainly happen over time as they now stand, takes place when I'm long gone and safe in my own place. I pity the mom, but I have no sympathy for the bitch.
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Well the trip to the hospital(s) as few weeks ago seems to have arrived to bite my house-mate in the butt. Really did she think it would be free? Jeez. A bill from the first Hospital, the one I was told to take her to, arrived. $500 according to the screaming from her room. Thing is I know its gonna get worse, she's got the second hospital bill that her sister took her to after the first one made her sit in the lobby all day and didn't do much but take vitals. And she'll be getting another bill that will be the doctors bill too. So that will be a total of four bills. She can make a freaking payment plan with the hospitals and doctors who treated her, I know that for a fact.  I know there will be days all her moaning and groaning to come for some time. She'll put on a little show, "oh woes is me, these bills, these bills" and mom will eventually come to the rescue. >/ As if her mother hasn't done enough for her, the damn bitch.


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