Jan. 30th, 2009 08:28 pm
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Yoko's new toy has survived but it not spot free. The spike on the top on his back been chewed a bit, but it doesn't look anymore than like a pair a sissors snipped it, not chewed.

I leave soon for Grandma's house for the weekend, 48 hours of no net, boo. There is the Asian Festival is tomorrow and I'm needing to get up at 6:30 so I can wash and deal with my hair and let Yoko exercise good before leaving for half the day. I'll be helping my current neighboor with his group's booth. I won't be working right off the back, I'm gonna go snoop out the selling boths before the crowds claim the top goodies. XD That happened last year and I didn't get what I was looking for.

I also didn't have my camera and I will be taking photos, yahoo!

Getting the strength to pack up my stuff is a chore right now, I am truelly tired. Getting up at 6:30 and pretty much running around for most of the day. I had a large number of kinders out today, which made things easier but I'm still exhausted since I've got this cold/congestion sticking to me bad. Oi.
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 Well my house-mate made an early morning return Sat around 5am, I think. All I know is she was there when I got up at 6:30am to get ready for the Asian Festival and was about to go to bed. She said they told her it was kidney stones... right... The Asian Festival was pretty good, though I was disappointed. The Taiko drummers were nothing I was expecting and it was a bit boring. Also there was suppose to be a follow up performance of the Matsuri Dancers from their main performance at the show stage downstairs in the center, and there wasn't. Instead it was a fashion show on Kimono. Which irked me because of the information that was given in the show was much more foriegner friendly than it needed to be to the point of being wrong or just flat out wrong. While I was able to see some pretty good kimonos I was upset on the incorrect information being given out. I've been to Japan, so I've seen kimonos, I got a book on them too, and I'm subscribed to a kimono newsletter from Japan. So while I'm no expert I easily spotted a lot of errors, all just to 'keep the crowd happy'. It wasn't even presented by Japanese people, but caucasians. Not a single Japanese face to be found. >/ 

So anyways when I got home from the Festival I noticed two priscriptions in the kitchen. They're still there with a load of a mess. I'm going to have to have my house-mate get the shit out, I got pot-luck for work to do Friday right after school and I'm gonna be tearing through the kitchen to get it cleaned, again, tomorrow. 

School wise I had a math test Tuesday, I may or maynot have passed it. I'll know tomorrow. I'm still struggling in Japanese. Just when I feel I'm gaining ground I'm left frustrated in class trying to understand what the hell is being taught.

Work is still crazy but one of the biggest trouble makers is gone again. I don't know if its just a month or the rest of the year yet. Another one might suspended from the program for a month starting today or tomorrow, I really don't know. Today should be really crazy because its tutoring. We have to get the kids seated, have snack, and get the hell out within 15-20 minutes before all the kids that are in tutoring come in to get there snack. And usually a 1/3 have made their way in if not more by the time we are trying to pack up. Thats about 50 kids ontop of ours and its LOUD. Its like having sheep and you're trying to herd only certain tagged sheep to a corral to get out. Its like this every Wensday and Thursday. x.x

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If only it was on better standings that this, ugh. The Hospital I was told to take my housemate left her in the Lobby ALL DAY. Finally her sister arrive from across town to take her to another one just across the street. The update I got five hours ago with that is she now has a rash on her face, high white cell count, and high blood pressure. That was the last thing I heard. I fully expected her to be held over night before the Hospital switch. Coughing up blood it NOT a matter to take likely. The question is how long will her stay last? 

Tomorrow I'll be working a few hours at the UTSA Insitute of Texan Cultures Asian Festival. I got roped  into it by my neighboor, who also happens to be our Orkin man, oh irony eh? I'll be going in early to help set up and then help out during the noon rush. The rest of the time I got to wander around and see everything. I get in free and I get free food. Ahaha! It would be funny if I run into my Japanese teacher too, don't you think? XD

On top of that my neighboor asked me to see if I could tutor his wife! They're from Thailand, I think, and she doesn't have a US GED or diploma, so naturally she's got to get one before she can take courses at any of the colleges in town (and boy do we have a lot, if you count all the community colleges). I told him I'd come over Sunday night to look at the material first. If its anything above Elementary Algebra I'm not gonna be much help since I'm still re-learning that myself! (bad teacher in High School). He say's he'll pay me $10 an hour for just coming over once a week and helping her. 

DANG, eh? Those two offers came from last night when he was by spraying the house. On the helping out with the Festival I was a little uncomfortable with him talking about it infront of my house-mate. I was painfully aware she had told him she wasn't gonna be working Sat when he had asked her how she was doing and he only spoke to me about helping out. Ehehe... I left him trailing on it until we were in the back yard where he was spraying it against fleas and talked to him about it. My house-mate wasn't sick at this time, that was around 7pm. I was in bed before 9, so when she started to get sick I have no idea.


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