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Well, Lucky was awesome at the vet, he walked right in un-assisted once we got him up the single step outside into the office. He was slower than he 'normally' would be and not as social but interested what was going on. The vet was impressed that he was up and walking. She gave him another shot and prescribed him some oral steroids he'll start tomorrow morning for the next two weeks that will gradually decrease. What is not so good that once we got home he was somewhat depressed again. I think his mouth is giving him trouble, he is due for his monthly bid of anti-biotics for a week and I'm hoping that is part of the problem. The poor thing just stands there and stares at either his water or food bowl. I had to semi-force feed him wet food from a spoon and check method. He ate a small can of a high calorie wet food the vet at the ER clinic gave me, if it appears to not give him trouble I'll go buy more. He is also eating the baby food semi-well from a turkey baster. The only problem is the stupid baby food is so thick nearly half of it stays stuck inside the turkey baster. I'll need to figure out a way to thin it but not make it like water. But he has show a great interest in the baby food, he perks right up sniffing for it. Its going to be a tough week for me, if he doesn't improve I have very few options. I believe in giving him a chance and see if he still has the will to go on and not simply give up on him because 'he is old'. I've been hearing that for nearly 4 years now, and while I have no illusions that he has that amount of time I'm not going to put him under unless he doesn't have the will or there isn't any more I can do for him to have a comfortable life. Even if its a month or just less than a year, its another day he's gone on fighting and until he gives up I won't either.
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Lucky is doing better in a few ways. He's able to walk when assisted to get up and urinate (the vet was worried he might not be able too) on his own. However he has only drink a fraction of what he normally does (and why one nickname was camel) and hardly eaten anything and most of it I down right had to trick him into eating. I am going to give him another day, we're taking him in about an hour to get another steroid shot. I'm just worried on him being dehydrated again if he is so. Worry, worry, worry. The vet yesterday did suggest something odd, chicken baby food. He is egar for it (god it STINKS) so I'm wondering if I ask my regular vet for antibiotics tomorrow he usually gets anyways every month for his mouth if that should help his eating.


I'm still in emotional hell. A few hours he looks great, the next he looks like shit just laying on his dog bed and not really wanting to move. Back and forth, oi. He doesn't try to get up and follow me but if he is up he wanders around the house or follows me. He also gets damn near normal perky and other times looks depressed. Oi, Oi, Oi. The only reason I haven't taken to put him down is because he is better than yesterday and showing signs of wanting to do things. If it gets to the point where he doesn't... you know what I've decided to do.
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Lucky is not doing so well. And how this all started is beyond bizarre.

I woke up to find him stuck in a laundry basket. Seriously. He was unable to get out of it, as it was right side up, and stressing out. I got him out and he appeared fine. A few hours later he started to have trouble walking and then began to behave abnormally. I rushed him to the Emergency Pet Clinic and lets just say I had an emotional hell. The pet clinic is much more expensive than Becker's, but Becker's been getting some heat and I don't want to go near there until they've long established themselves in more reputable terms. I had them do a blood work, even though I feel he aggravated his spine (he had an injury in March), because he's on medication that can over per-long use can cause his liver to fail. It came back just within the normal limits, which was surprising with how much he gets but he does take milk thistle to help his liver. A few things may 'possibly' indicate other diseases or cancers but they were low enough not to really draw flags. His kidneys were also doing fine, just a bit high on levels. He was dehydrated so they put him on fluids for 4 hours and gave him a steroid shot. If he does not do better I am frightened of what I might have to decide.
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I missed my classes yesterday due to complications to my meds. I guess they caught up with me from everything I'm on at the moment and woke to horrible abdomen pain, nausea, belching, and such. I was told to no longer take the pain medicine prescribed to me, even though I was already taking it sparingly as needed. -sighs- I slept most of today from a constant migraine that I recently woke free up. My uncle says he wants to come next weekend, which I am horrified to hear. I'm so tired, I'm so busy, and I'm on certain limitations physically. I'm currently asking friends to see who could go grocery shopping with me in the next few days because of that. Oi. I need to clean and organize and I don't have a clue when I can with how I've been feeling.... Oi. I was having a good week, now I dread this next one will be a horrible week.
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Seriously. It took them almost 2 weeks and me calling three times to get them to fax refills on lucky's meds. I was like finally!!!! Then I looked at the approved amount and I wonder... wtf.... He needs 60 pain pills, NOT 30!!!! He takes them twice a freaking day!! ARGH!!!!

-head hits desk-

I didn't discover this until after work and the vet closed by then.


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For some odd reason for the past 4 days (until this morning) I would wake up bright and early way before my alarm clock. Not today, nope. I woke up like hell, brain stuff and wanting more sleep, to get my butt to classes. On a good note my teacher doesn't need the book and told us to return it (yea, $160 back to me!) and on the bad note she does have an accent but I hope with the fact my notetaker is in in the class I can just focus and get used to it (its not really bad, just when she goes FAST).

Work was... chaotic from beginning to end but I didn't have that overwhelmed feeling since I was moved to 1st grade and half my class are my kinders from last year (and not a single kid who misbehaves every day!). We were thrown off our grove because my boss has to take 5th grade, we're still short a person, but everything was fine until the last half hour the parents showed up. WAY TO FREAKING EARLY and they went to my door first... ei.... and my boss was outside with the 5th graders... -sighs-

Pick up was a mess. They've been doing construction all summer and not finished with one of the two teacher parking lots being used for storage of equipment the teachers were parking in the field and parents in the second teacher's parking lot. (I need to get a picture, this is only till Wed, ehehe). But anyways so parents start arrived at 4:30 instead of 5:00!!! I got mobbed by nearly ten parents trying to move my kids to the temporary (or might be semi-permanent since we don't know about that main parking lot) for the pick up. -sighs-

It was a wreck trying to get kids to their cars, keep the cars moving, keeping the kids where they were suppose to be (and they weren't staying there!!!), keeping an eye on the wandering kids, getting them back in place, getting parents to sign out their kids AND CHECKING THEIR IDs with the pickup list!!!! Gah!!! I'm suprised I didn' get a dizzy spell and collapse now that I think of it. it was 101 today too.

And oh... I have to repeat this for the next three weeks until the bus schedule starts.... x.x
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I can't really tell but if I go off my past surgeries I am in for a very good kind of hell.

How the hell can there be a good kind of hell?

I think I have a cork stitched in my left ear. Last time I had a cork stitched in an ear my hearing went from 40% to 90% when they removed it. It was frightening in a way I can't describe to have everything so loud and unable to turn the volume down. I could hear the freaking AIR move and the rustle of fabric from people breathing!! I was pleading with them to put the freaking thing back IN!!This was about ten years ago and its an experience I would rather not have to go through again but if this surgery was successful then this is what is coming Tuesday in the follow up. I'm absolutely terrified and I'm considering asking a friend and her mom to take me because if it is... I don't think I'll be able to drive for a few hours.... I know this friend is having friends over this weekend so I'm debating on broaching the subject but.. oi. I'm scared, REALLY FREAKING SCARED.

At the same time my hear is off before what little hearing I had is gone in my left side because there is a cork in it. (I think)
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Well, today we're having our all at once bang she dang. My friend's dad is giving me a ride to work in about an hour and a half and my cousin will be picking me up.

Meeting at 11am, going over the usual stuff,

12ish, break for lunch (mad dash to the Luby's for an hour),

between 1-2 back afterwards to get materials and stuff set for the first week of school starting Monday.

4-6pm, meet the parents. Oh hell. This is new.

Right now I'm trying to remember when was the last time I took a pain pill.... I can take up to 2 at a time but I don't want to be drugged up... lol.


Aug. 17th, 2010 08:32 pm
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I've had a lot of support and I am so thankful. I about drove my friend crazy who is staying with me but she has been awesome. Hopefully I'll be able to get some honest sleep tonight and not some hourly intervals. I think I was even drivng the dogs crazy too. I couldn't even read to past the time. Now I can read for short periods and look at screens even longer so I have about 3 episodes of Project Runway to catch up if insomnia continues. I also have the new book by my favorite author, Namoi Novik, that I started when waiting at the surgery center yesterday.

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my surgery yesterday was short, less than 3 hours. There was some disease but only small pockets so my doctor told my friend while I was in recovery this should me it. I don't know if she means completety or just getting rid of the disease. I'll find out next week or so in a follow up. My only complication was waking up extremely tired. That may sound odd but I've been through this so many times I know how I usually react. I couldn't keep my eyes open, even on the drive home But once I did get home and had a 2 hour nap I couldn't sleep except in 20min intervals once or twice an hour. Between the sleeps I was restless and pacing the house. The last 2 hours I've been sleeping longer and starting to get restless and able to focus on thing to read or write.

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Hopefully around this time tomorrow I'll be transferring out of surgery and into the recovery ward if all goes well. Its suppose to start at 1pm but I highly doubt it will start on time. Last time my surgery was around 10am and I was leaving by 6pm so if I go by that I'll be leaving around 9pm, if they actually start on time. I have a feeling though it will be near midnight, yeck. Thanks everyone who had been giving me well wishes. Once I'm able be up and typing I'll give a progress on how it all went down and what the doctor found and says things go from there.


Aug. 13th, 2010 05:58 pm
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Surgery is just 4 days away. I'm more scared this time around, and I'm not really sure why.
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A few days ago I had to go get my car washed, birds decided to take an epic crap fall on it. Since I also had to get pet food I took Yoko with me and TADA, fun times! WARNING: YOKO MAY MAKE YOU DIZZY!!!

In other news a guy should be here in a few hours to fix the water heater (I hope).
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I hate gas! I have no hot water, I'm not even sure for how long! I didn't take a shower like I planned Wed night because I felt like crap, then I woke up late yesterday and literally had to throw clothes on and run to school for an exam, which I was still late to. So when I finally tried to take a bath because my knee started to ache like hell there was NOT HOT WATER!!! I didn't feel like I could stand in the shower of cold water so I had to take pain meds and take said freaking shower this morning. I don't know and really don't want to mess with the gas water heater. My reliable neighbor isn't home and I have a meeting and doctors appointment so I can't wait for relatives.

I don't have work, Just school, COULD LIFE CALM DOWN?!

EI!!! I and I just discovered Yoko has rolled in poop again for the third time in two weeks!
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I really hope karma swings my way real soon. For the past two weeks I've been helping out a friend whose family really shitsvilled her and from herself. Her family wasn't helping at all in many ways, mainly such as money for her to get by and around to APPLY for a job. She needs a job to go to school this fall, she has to pay, in order to keep her health insurance under her dad. I've been saving her ass from herself in dragging her butt to the joblink at the college and helping her change some of the wording in her applications. Once we've hit the apply in store locations tomorrow we will have applied at thirty stores in the past week, literally. We have ten places we have to apply tomorrow and then she heads home. She's stuck riding bus because her dad has her car, he promised to fixed the breaks (they gave out) over a year and a half ago. She's been at my place for the past week. I have about $200 until payday friday, but I am not sure what exactly this paycheck will be. I'm just hoping past $400 because I still have $320 bills to pay before months end.
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I still can believe I haven't been online for over a week. I've been that run down between 9 hours of baby sitting, fighting allergies thanks to air pressure, and Lucky falling ill to arthritist. I basically collapsed within two hours of coming home and up again before dawn with only my phone to check email. I hardly know what has happened news wide. I know a few major events but thats it, I'm so out of the loop on a lot of things. I need to go to the cybertronian newsletter for the past two weeks worth of updates, oi. -sighs- But I have a summer session class tomorrow and I haven't even bought the book, thankfully I'll have a few hours to get it. I just have to get my butt up. -sighs-. Hopefully given a few days things can calm down, finally.

On the cool news, I was able to attend the annual anime convention San-Japan (if for Sat only), and it was GREAT!!!
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I am exhausted. I'm saddle sore, tired, drained and staring at a pile of laundry from last week and this weekend and wondering if I can get away with waiting till tomorrow to do them. -sighs- I'll have to be sure I have the clothes needed for my two jobs to find out but I don't want to move from where I sit. I'm also exhausted because Lucky was absolutely filthy, more so than normal, when I picked up him. He had dry pee and poop on him because I didn't tell them to bath him. Normally he'll have a little pee on him because he can't pee in the right direction, he always gets his rear legs, and dust from laying on the cool concrete floor. So I yank him into the tube and give him a good hard scrub and he was pissy about it. Yoko wasn't happy with me either when I went an dragged her into the tube after Lucky, since I was bathing one and all the dog towels were clean I said why not do both.

I'll post details of my trip later or sometime this week when I have the energy. Right now I just want to collapse into bed but I need to see if I need to do laundry, feed/medicate the dogs, and dry my hair.

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Rofl! I was fixing the girl's hair I baby sit infront of the TV and Imagination Movers came on. Duff from Ace of Cakes was 'Ben the Baker' on today's show. I nearly had a fit of giggles. I love Ace of Cakes.

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I've set up four mice traps to see how many mice I may catch tonight. I placed two of the white disposable Ortho mice traps in the kitchen, one in a cabnet that I know the mice visit and the other behind the fridge. I placed two big Tom Cat reusable 'rat' traps in the garage on opposite sides. All have peanut butter. I know the Tom Cats will work, I used them when mice got into my mom's garage after the flood in 2002, the flood was said to be one that happens once every 500 years. It once caught two mice in one go.

In other news, Lucky's claim was finally processed and I am being a sent a check next week for his vet costs from his spinal injury. What I am PISSED about it they knocked off about $20-40 because they found the charge 'essessive'. Like the freaking x-rays, $20 were knocked off. Argh!!! I was expecting a $400 and some check. I'm getting a $380 amount from nearly $700 worth of care. ARGH. I'm not happy.
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