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I especially hate it when i'm forced to vomit. And especially when I'm vomting the very little food I've had all day. I had a taco at 8am yesterday, a coke in the afternoon, and a few bites of cereal that tasted like cardboard to me almost 5 hours ago. My stomach hurts, I'm bloated like never before, and now vomiting. But I have no fever, I've checked several times. I can't sleep either.

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being sick

Date: 2010-11-10 02:17 pm (UTC)
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Sounds like a bad taco and you may well have food poisoning. If it gets real bad or you start to get dehydrated, go see a doctor. Food poisoning can be serious business.

Re: being sick

Date: 2010-11-10 02:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I don't think it was the taco. My period started and I assumed the pains were cramps and they started before the taco yesterday morning. I just find the whole timeline of symptoms weird. It might be food poisioning but I didn't start to have vomiting until well over 12 hours after the taco. It doesn't feel like a stomach virus either. I called and got an appointment at 10:20am. I'm gonna call my boss and let her know at 10am there is a good chance I might not be able to come.


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