Sep. 13th, 2010

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My birthday and Christmas are within a month of each other, I'm hoping between me saving money, money sent to me for those holidays, and possible deals around that time I can score these three things this coming holiday season

1) Blackberry Torch, I seriously need a new smart phone that actually works right.
2) Netbook, seriously need a laptop for school that I can slip into my backpack...oi
3) Bluray dvd player, I have an HD TV (bought used, score) and now the best extras are only coming out on bluray dvds... so...

Frankly, there isn't anything else I'd want for my birthday or Christmas than a little bit of $$ left over to spoil Yoko and Mika rotten. But I did list the three in order of which I actually really need and can use... I can receive emails on my current smart phone but the piece of crap won't send them out, for instance, and there are times I'm like shit I need to reply asap to an email either from a teacher or relative (like my uncle, gah). A netbook with Word would have helped my poor ass last fall semester when I failed English Comp 2, oi, writing 3 research papers in a semester on top of other course with without a computer in front every bit of free time me killed me. All in All, I think if I get $600 between me and any cash I get (I hope) for my birthday I'll be able to get all three in a splurge on day after thanksgiving sales, and only in my adult age am I happy that my birthday is right before Thanksgiving, lol. I hated it as a kid.

Right now I guess I'm trying to keep my mind off of Lucky too, buts its damn difficult.


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